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How are the lessons going to be structured?

We will be using articles and simple pictures. While everything is moving towards video conent, we still believe that a lot can be achieved by just reading and practicing. Let us put it this way: Do you think Jimmy Hendrix started his legendary quest by watching videos? Do not get us wrong, videos are still great and they are probably the fastest way to reach that “expert level” that you dream for, but for a starter that never held a beginner acoustic guitar before, having an article and pictures layed out in front of you will be much better. Trust us on this one, or at least give it a try!

Are these suitable for intermediate and advanced guitarists?

Sadly no, while there will be a few intermediate lessons that will be usefull for you, so you can make the transition to video courses you can't rely only on them. Luckily we have some of the best premium guitar lessons that we can offer to you. They come relatively cheap (around $20/month) and the options that they offer are literally 574938574395789 (yes, this is the exact number).

Suitable for electric guitar players?

Absolutely. The basics are important for everyone, be it acoustic or electric guitar user. So get your beginner gear ready or buy one if you still haven't and stay tuned!

More free stuff?

Yes, we will be releasing a free eBook for you that will contain all of the lessons… Again, you will never be charged for it, and you will have the option to use it with your smartphone or on your desktop pc even when you are offline.

That's all?

Uhm, well, since you are asking! We are planning to announce a free beginner guitar giveaway! Our site will be turning 6 months this February and we believe that a great way to thank to our community is to give away a few acoustic guitars. Do not expect Martins and Taylors though!

If you still do not have a guitar, here is a cool list of affordable options:

1. Jasmine S35
2. Fender CD60CE
3. Yamaha FG700S

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