Jasmine S35 – Redefining The Budget Segment

Extremely affordable acoustic guitars are a category which isn’t as popular as it seems. Most people simply opt to save up for a better model. However, these guitars are a necessity, and have gotten many talented musicians started on their journey. Jasmine S35 is the epitome of what a cheap acoustic guitar should look and sound like. It’s by far one of the most capable cheap guitars on the market right now , which has made it the choice of many new players out there.


Body And Neck

When you’re working with this price range, it’s normal to expect a certain level of compromises and tradeoffs. Jasmine S35 brings a dreadnought body which sports a laminate spruce top and laminated nato back and sides. The neck is also a nato piece with a reasonably smooth rosewood fretboard on top. Overall, the build quality of as good as it gets considering the price. Jasmine implemented their advanced X bracing on this model, making it a bit more stable compared to other models in this price range. Finish comes in form of a standard satin layer – an average no-thrills solution.



Jasmine opted for an average build in terms of hardware. That means rosewood bridge paired with a synthetic bone compensated saddle, and a nut made of the same material. Tuners are decent and should give you no trouble so long as you keep the guitar within its comfort zone. Intonation is where most people start having issues with affordable guitars. Instruments in this price range often require proper setup upon arrival if you want to experience their fullest potential. Shipping guitars in such state is nothing more than another way to cut down production costs as well as the price.


Usually, you wouldn’t expect much in terms of tone from a cheap guitar such as this one. However, Jasmine S35 brings a pleasant surprise. It’s no Taylor, but the sound is as balanced as possible all things considered. There’s enough definition to work with, and the trebles area not shallow. The low-end response is a bit loose, however there’s not much to be done about it. Is it worth the price? Absolutely. In fact, you could probably say that Jasmine S35 hits above its price range. You might not want to take this guitar on stage for a serious show, but it is more than a suitable model for practice and beginners.


If there’s anything Jasmine S35 shows, it is that you shouldn’t write off cheap acoustic guitars without a second thought. This model is a perfect solution for those who are working with a very strict budget, but still need a decent guitar for practice. On a similar note, beginners who don’t want to over-commit will probably see an answer to their needs in this Jasmine. Is it a perfect acoustic guitar? Far from it, but in terms of what it was designed for, Jasmine S35 is more than competitive.

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  1. It is my first acoustic! Is it cheap in terms of cost? Yes!!! Which is great cause the sound is exquisite!!! All strings ring out with a pronounce of an overpriced Yamaha, Corbin, or even a Gibson!! A beautiful guitar with high quality sound and for the price, it’s eventually going to overtake many of the high prices well known name brands. The S35 is a bomb quality guitar!!! Meaning, you can play any genre music on it and people gonna bop to it…

  2. Got one. It’s no match for my 56-year old D-18 Martin, but it’s a good facsimile… especially considering it’s cost is about 2%, that’s right, two percent, the value of the old Martin Yeow!

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