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Jasmine S35 – Redefining The Budget Segment

4.6 out of 5 stars

When it comes to extremely affordable acoustic guitars, the market is awash with a range of models from many different brands – some are household names, like Fender and Yamaha, while others are less known. Sitting in the latter category is Jasmine, who perhaps aren’t as well-known as the bigger brands, but certainly know how to hold their own when it comes to producing a quality instrument for less than hundred bucks. Their S35 is a testament to this! Let’s take a closer look.


Body And Neck

Of course, while Jasmine offers good quality, it’s normal to expect a certain level of compromise when buying in this price range. In this case it’s the use of laminated materials and a mediocre setup on arrival. However, both of these issues can be expected at under $100.

The S35 features an attractive 25.5” scale length dreadnought body made from X-braced laminated spruce on the top, paired with laminated nato back and sides. The neck is also made from nato, capped with a reasonably smooth rosewood fretboard, 20 frets and simple pearloid dot inlays. There’s nothing overly fancy about this model, but it’s a good-looking acoustic with a smooth satin finish, a durable build and sleek playability. You can’t ask for much more!


In terms of hardware, there’s nothing too extraordinary here either. Yet the components Jasmine opts for make this a reliable guitar. At the bottom, there’s a rosewood bridge paired with a synthetic bone compensated saddle and a nut made of the same material. At the headstock, there’s a set of chrome-covered sealed tuners, which do their job and hold tuning relatively well, although not quite as stable as some of its peers.


While you may not be expecting much from a cheap guitar in terms of tone, the Jasmine S35 is a pleasant surprise. Sure, it’s no all-solid-wood Martin, but the tone is quite well balanced and the projection is big and clear. It’s probably not up to stage performances, but there’s enough tone to work with for both beginners and more experienced guitarists looking for a cheap steel-string to bash around on.


If there’s one thing the Jasmine S35 shows, it’s that you shouldn’t write off cheap acoustic guitars. While it leaves plenty to be desired in the setup, and the components aren’t as smooth or durable as you’d find on more expensive guitars, the overall style, tone and playability is very good for the price. For those working on a strict budget, or for beginners who don’t want to commit to anything too pricey, the S35 will definitely appeal.

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  1. Donald B Williams says

    It is my first acoustic! Is it cheap in terms of cost? Yes!!! Which is great cause the sound is exquisite!!! All strings ring out with a pronounce of an overpriced Yamaha, Corbin, or even a Gibson!! A beautiful guitar with high quality sound and for the price, it’s eventually going to overtake many of the high prices well known name brands. The S35 is a bomb quality guitar!!! Meaning, you can play any genre music on it and people gonna bop to it…

  2. Keneau Arnet says

    Got one. It’s no match for my 56-year old D-18 Martin, but it’s a good facsimile… especially considering it’s cost is about 2%, that’s right, two percent, the value of the old Martin Yeow!

  3. Dennis Stinnett says

    I just got a used s35. The set up has been finely tuned by the previous owner and he had just put on a set of medium light Elixer strings. This guitar is in one word Sweet. Low action, great sound, easy to play, etc. Ive owned about ten different guitars in my life,including some high end Gibsons, and Fenders. I’ll stick with this S35. I was lucky to find it.

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