Fender Stratacoustic Plus Acoustic-Electric – A Very Strange Animal From Fender


Fender’s Stratacoustic Acoustic-Electric git perfectly exhibits how advanced guitars have gotten through today’s latest technologies. This masterpiece features the classic Strat design which make it a perfect match for players looking for a familiar electric guitar setup with a firm touch of acoustics, offering the best of both worlds while allowing for crazy experimentation possibilities.

The instrument has a USB port attached, giving you an option to connect it to any popular high-tech gadget (smartphone, tablet) for easy recording, among everything else – which we’ll fully explore furthermore.


Body & Neck

The instrument is covered in an Inca Silver color scheme. The body is a typical Stratocaster shape we’ve all grown fond of over time. The body’s wood mixture is comprised of a laminated spruce top, while the back and sides are made of one-piece textured fiberglass. The body is bound by a quartersawn X-style bracing.

The C-shaped maple neck is bolt-on electric sporting a dual-action truss rod, hosting its rosewood fingerboard which comes rigged with 21 frets, pearloid dot inlays and a compensated 1.61 inches wide bone nut. The instrument has a total scale of 25.5 inches, with a beautiful gloss urethane finish on the body and neck.

The components in charge of this work of art’s tonal output sport innovation and quality – ensuring a new, fresh playing experience unmatched on the ever evolving modern market.



The guitar is finished off at the top by a typical Strat headstock equipped with six chrome tuners. The bridge is made of rosewood featuring a vintage-styled Fender “Viking” system, keeping the Fender Dura-Tone 80/20 strings in check.


The electronics are where the real magic happens. I mentioned the on-board USB slot, what I didn’t mention is the Fishman Isys III system which includes an active on-board preamp and tuner. The Fishman preamp features several control knobs, allowing for vast modifications to your sound; bass, treble, middle and volume.


The Stratacoustic’s sound output itself is thin as you would expect from a guitar of this type. However, combined with its on-board controls and you have a whole new assortment of sounds at your disposal. The git’s construction itself enables superb stability and magnificent sustain of your tones. If you want something with a “well known” sound, check out the review of the Seagull S6, if you are an adventurer the Stratacoustic is worth your consideration.

The neck is a special highlight, as it’s much more comfortable to play on than other gits in its price range. The strings and tuners are in excellent shape and you will never think about replacing anything under normal circumstances. The instrument is well-built to last you years or even decades, it can withstand live playing and its hardware and electronics will never fail you.


This instrument holds all the qualities of a modern electric Strat as well as fundamental acoustic elements. A distinctive, qualitative and durable git by Fender for just under 400$. If you’re looking for an instrument of this kind, then set your doubts to rest and look no further.

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