The Seagull S6 Review – Challenger To The Throne

Last Updated: Apr-04-2016

The pride of Seagull itself. I am about to review a guitar that has everything that a good acoustic steel string instrument needs. Stripped down from electronics, standard dreadnought body, this is one of the best acoustic guitars that one could possibly buy with money (apart from high-end Martin or Taylor, of course).

I am yet to see a person who played the link aa postid=14909]Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar[/link] and has something bad to say about it. A model that can be sold easily for twice as much and no one would even think about complaining. The S6 is a great companion for every beginner out there.


Body & Neck

This Seagull jewel might not come at a premium price but is made out of real premium tonewoods. The classic dreadnaught shape features a pressure tested solid cedar top, the back and the sides are made of Canadian wild cherry, and the integrated neck is from silver maple leaf.

The rosewood fretboard and bridge are considered a good standard for this brand. The nut and the saddle are both from GraphTech and speak of the quality of this git. All of this comes with a semi-gloss custom finish and if for some reason you can’t look at the pictures in this article, I want to assure you that this guitar looks awesome.



What made the S6 a popular pick for every beginner that is alright with spending $400 on his first six string instrument is the quality of the output that it provides. A great clean sound, bright warm tone, and the outstanding tonewoods make this beauty really loud if you play with your fingers close to the sound hole.

The output of the S6 gives confidence to every player thanks to the smooth sound and the comfort that it provides. You can use this Seagull for live performances without worrying if it will let you down, that it will sound bad, or if it will just underperform. The quality machine pegs and the overall setup guarantee that your instrument will stay in tune for quite some time.


The S6 offers entry-level players the chance to get as close as possible to a premium guitar feeling. Superb overall performance, outstanding craftsmanship, and numerous awards won throughout the years. This is a guitar that is recognized throughout the world as one of the best mid-range starter options. The S6 is the ultimate starter weapon that comes with monstrous value for the money ratio. The Seagull S6 Original is a comfortable six string gem that will allow you to play with ease and at peace.

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  1. Bought a Seagull S6 for my teenage son to complement his electrics. He loved it. When he died suddenly aged 24, I decided to use it myself, to learn from scratch as a beginner. It has been my companion and therapy for two years

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