Yamaha FG730S – What Makes It So Attractive?

Yamaha FG730S – What Makes It So Attractive?


Body&Neck:4.6 Stars
Hardware:4.8 Stars
Sound:4.6 Stars
Value:4.8 Stars
Average:4.7 Stars

I want to present you the big brother of the FG700S. This is a real beginner guitar that was designed to make your life a great experience. Easy to setup, superb sound quality, durable tonewoods, and sexy looking hardware that boosts the overall presence of every musician.

In the right hands, this cutie will perform like a $1k masterpiece. In newbie hands, the FG730S will boost one’s confidence and will provide great playability and comfort of use. A model that offers outstanding quality details with amazing deluxe features and all of this for a joke of a price.

Yamaha FG730S BodyBody And Neck
This amazing six string fiddle comes with dreadnought style, good looking body that features a solid sitka spruce top, and rosewood sides and back. The rosewood in fact prevails in this model as the bridge and the fretboard also fall in this category. The tortoise pickguard is one of my favorite perks in the FG series, and the slim nato neck feels really gentle.

The full string scale is 25 9/16″ and the nut width is 1 11/16″. All the parts are quality, and for every acoustic instrument they are of significant importance for the overall output. We can always ask for more, but in this case I do not think it is necessary.

The sound is more than just good. I find very few guitars in the $300 range to be suitable for solo performance and good for beginners at the same time and the FG730 is one of the selected few. No, this is not a Taylor or a high-end Martin or a Takamine. Premium sound comes at premium price.

In our case, great sound comes at a fantastic price. I like when a guitar is responsive to the player’s style; you do not have to tweak it to the slightest detail, you just start playing and it follows you in a satisfying manner. This is the factor that separates the gems from the good guitars. Yamaha is mass selling this model because the value that they offer with it is hard to ignore.

Out of all the music genres the FG seems to be most appropriate for blues, country, and classic rock. This does not mean that if you like Eddie Van Halen you can’t give this one a try, you might be surprised with the results.

The Verdict
If we take a complex overall score that covers quality, style and beauty and then if we divide it by the price of the guitar, this one will be very high in the rankings.

A git that is ready for action right out of the box, good for beginners, good for travelling, good for a present, good for playing in the backyard, good for playing at the local club. It is just good.

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