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Tips When Taking Online Guitar Lessons

Taking the decision to follow an online guitar course means that you’re serious about learning to play guitar. It’s the first step on a road that will eventually lead you to become a great guitarist. […]


Finishing An Online Guitar Lesson – What’s Next?

Many beginners get confused when they first subscribe to an online guitar lessons course. Sometimes the knowledge provided by these services is all there is to it. However, that is far from true. Playing guitar […]


Paid Vs. Free Online Guitar Lessons

There’s a heated debate being led online whether paid online guitar lessons are really better than the free stuff that is available on the internet. It’s important to understand the that both of these have […]


What Kinds of Online Guitar Lessons Exist?

Just what kind of impact the advent of modern communications technologies had on our species is something we won’t be able to fully grasp in the foreseeable future. The fact is that we have moved […]


Are Online Guitar Lessons Worth the Money?

Learning how to play guitar is something you definitely don’t want to do on your own if you have a choice. This might sound like a ridiculous statement, especially considering how many guitarists did the […]


Blues Guitars – Single Coils or Humbuckers

Blues is a very versatile genre of music when it comes to recommended tone and gear setup. Just about any type of guitar is acceptable, given it has enough range and fidelity. You can find […]


Guitars For Metal – Selecting The Right Pickups

Metal music relies on a very heavy tone that is saturated with high gain distortion. This is why the best metal guitar manufacturers opt to install humbuckers into their models meant for this genre of […]


How To Use a Guitar Capo

Guitar capos are an awesome little tool that really increases the practical potential of your guitar. If you’d like to learn more about different types of capos, check out our short guide right. With that […]


What To Look For In A Guitar Case

Guitar cases are, along with gig bags, your main ways to transport a guitar safely, and securely. The difference between these two is quite significant. The latter is a more practical solution which is comfortable […]


Why Guitar Cases Are A Good Investment

When you first buy your guitar, it’s the object that will steal most of your attention. That feeling doesn’t really go away, it only becomes weaker with time. With that said, your guitar or guitars […]

Your Favorite Place For Guitar, Bass and Gear Reviews, Lessons, Videos, News and more!

You want to change your old Les Paul? Just looking for another addition to your amazing superstar collection? You decided that it is finally time to start learning and you are on the hunt for your first and most memorable guitar? If the answer of any of this questions is yes, you are on the right place. GuitarFella is here to help you with detailed information and reviews about everything you can think of related to guitars. From the acoustic guitar for beginners to the nylon strings to the distortion pedal.

What It Takes To Find the Best Guitar

Choosing the right git is not like going to the supermarket for a new pair of socks. You have to fall in love with it, you have to dream about it, you have to desire it. We are talking about passion here. Playing guitar is not a profession, it is not a hobby; it is a lifestyle. In our world, the word guitarist rhymes with demi-god. If this is how you feel right now, welcome home.

If You Are A Beginner And Want To Learn How To Play Guitar

Before we go into details, let me tell you something. If you want to learn quick, buy an instrument that you will love. Yes, there are things that are important for beginners, you need simplicity, you need a good proven model, you need comfort, but what you need the most is passion. What will light up the passion? A badass guitar that you can’t let go! This is how it is done. The End.

Some Useful Guitar Buying Tips

Before you begin this exciting process you have to set your budget. If this will not be your first guitar then you are familiar with all the basics. If you are a beginner, you have to decide if you want to start with an acoustic or an electric guitar. Also there is the group of parents who want to buy the best kids guitar there is. There are two important things to take into consideration, if you go for acoustic all you have to be worried about is its price.

Should you take the path of the electric instruments, keep in mind that you will need money for a guitar, good amp and cables. The price of the six string fiddle and the amp should be close to equal. Going with a $1000 state of the art Gibson masterpiece and some pathetic china imported $35 amplifier will force some of your friends to film you and upload you to YouTube, I guarantee.

The Professional Guitar Reviews

We will divide all the different models in a few categories so we can make it easy for you to navigate to the desired section. Recently we started a beginner guitar blog, so you might want to pay it a visit. Before we proceed, I want to make something clear: You will not read reviews about garbage guitars here. That is right, we do not plan to waste your time analyzing and reviewing low quality or underperforming models.

This does not mean that if you can’t find a specific model here it is not good, great, epic, legendary, etc. Reviewing a guitar takes time because we always make sure to use one for a while before we release a review. We also talk with other people who have an opinion based on experience with the specific model. Every model that is mentioned in this site will be worth every single dollar of its price. If you read a review and you like the guitar and the price, you can buy it with no regrets.

Time to Make Your Choice:

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar you can start with the best rated acoustic guitars. A buying guide will wait for you to read it (in the beginners section) and get familiar with things that you never thought of before. We will have the section split in a few subcategories. There will be section devoted to beginner guitars. After that you will have different price tags that you can choose from.

If you want to opt in for an electric axe check out the best electric guitar section. Here you will also find a beginner guitars list, different categories separated by price tags, and if you are facing some difficulties and can’t make a decision, you can refer to our electric guitars detailed buying guide. When you are done with your selection head over to the best guitar amps guide.

If you are already geared with a great guitar but want to add a different tone to it, click here and theck out our list with the best recommended guitar pedals.

After a lot of e-mails we thought it will be a good idea to devote a full section on the top rated guitar strings. You might be interested to check it out as there are a lot of good tips, reviews and recommendations there. Spend some time reading and start testing!

Lessons For Every Taste And Every Pocket

If you are already an owner of a guitar that you are proud of, you might want to start learning how to play on it. If you need help with choosing the best online guitar lessons you can check out our training section. Our team is also offering a free guitar lessons course which is actually recommended if you are just starting out.

Inspiration Is Important

There will be options for every taste and every pocket. From the affordable Squier to the Gibson chef-d’oevre. A little tip: when I am looking for a new addition to my collection I am always listening to AC/DC in the background. You can exchange them with whatever floats your boat, but some inspiration is always nice and the additional hype is awesome. Trust me on this one, the experience is talking here.