Takamine GD93 NAT

Takamine GD93 NAT


Body&Neck:4.6 Stars
Hardware:4.5 Stars
Sound:4.6 Stars
Value:4.8 Stars
Average:4.6 Stars

Buying a very good acoustic guitar for under $500 is not mission impossible anymore. For the enthusiasts that are going after a steel string instrument, the GD93 by Takamine is probably one of the standout picks. It is a super guitar that is capable of impressing both professionals and semi-professionals. This dreadnought-style acoustic beauty puts a lot of sound on the table and it is available for a price that makes it irresistible. You are given the chance to obtain a model with a lot of premium features at a considerably modest price.

H97572000001000-00-500x500Body and Neck
Like a lot of contemporary guitars the GD93 is offered with a solid spruce body top and rosewood back and sides. A combination that is proven to work great and that offers a memorable sound quality. To make this acoustic princess look even better, there is a mahogany neck with a slim profile and a 12” rosewood fretboard attached to it. It plays great, feels great, and makes the experience one of a kind. The dark wood rosette and the gloss body finish give this guitar a lot of style that is more appropriate for premium instruments that are usually going for sums way over the $1000 mark. The good things do not stop here, there are premium perks included like the rosewood headcap, the die-cast tuners with the gold hardware and the high quality nut and saddle made of synthetic bone.

GD93CEN_headstock-frontTakamine is a company that is famous with their contemporary and jazz instruments. However, the GD93-Nat is equally good in most of the music styles that you can come up with. The sound that you will hear coming out of this beauty is rich and full. With the appropriate guitar strings you can make it match even $1000 guitars that are considered to be unbeatable in their price range. You can squeeze out some killer tones even if you are into blues or gospel. The volume is more than impressing and you will be able to shine with it even in a noisy environment.

The Verdict
In times where everyone is talking about the Seagull guitars (especially the S6), there are some great gits that are being ignored. The Takamine GD93-Nat is the perfect example, this is a guitar that is at least equally good, comes at a similar price and offers a great alternative to people who are not fans of the Godin family. If you are looking for the best acoustic pick that can be found for a price below the $500 mark (click here for more models), you just found it.

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