Bristol by Blueridge BD-16 – The Cinderela Fairy Tale

Bristol by Blueridge BD-16 – The Cinderela Fairy Tale


Body&Neck:4.3 Stars
Hardware:4.7 Stars
Sound:4.8 Stars
Value:4.6 Stars
Average:4.6 Stars

The Bristol BD 16 is a really good sounding solution if you are on the lookout for your first guitar or just for another addition to your collection that you can practice on. Named after the city in Tennessee, this neat instrument feels great, looks nice, and sounds awesome. A low-end guitar that plays like a mid-end competitor was always something that I’ve admired, and this is exactly the case with the BR-16.

Bristol-by-Blueridge-BD-16-Dreadnaught-Acoustic-Guitar-Natural-0-1Body And Neck
The standard dreadnought body comes with a laminated spruce top, and mahogany neck and body. The craftsmanship is of high and competitive level, and considering the small price that you have to pay for this model, it makes things really easy. The seven layered (7!) pickguard and the natural high gloss finish give this guitar even more style, along with the nicely crafted headstock that has the Bristol logo printed on it. The overall comfort and playability that this guitar comes with are really hard to beat. It is easy to tell that this little beauty is crafted with a lot of love and care in a smaller company that loves and wants every detail to be perfect.

For the price that it comes in, the Bristol BD-16 is ready to enchant you with beautiful warm tones, and a bright and rich sound. The tonewoods ensure that the resonance that comes out of this six string treasure is great. You do not have to be an expert to realize that this guitar is seriously outperforming similar instruments at this price range.

This guitar is still made and produced by Blueridge, and they are famous for giving more than expected with everything they produce. Over delivering quality sound however is a hard thing to do; you can still buy pricy hardware and materials and assemble a six string fiddle, but is it going to sound good? No. This guitar is never too low or too high, the output is consistent and as long as you are familiar with the style that you are playing, you can feel safe with it and forget about those awkward moments that you had before.

The Verdict
The Bristol BD 16 feels great, even if you do not have that much experience behind you, it still makes you feel good with it in your hands. If you are on a budget or just starting out and want to see what it is like to hold a high dollar Blueridge, you can safely get this one and give it a try. Reading all of this, you think this is too good to be true. Well, it is true and it really is that good.

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