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Zvex Vexter Super Hard-On Review – Creme Of The Crop

4.9 out of 5 stars

If there's one boutique pedal brand that never fails to surprise, it's Zvex. They are responsible for some of the most versatile effects pedals on the market including their impressive fuzz series.

If you are not familiar with how this boutique shop works, all you need to know is that they go above and beyond to create the type of effect the market needs. They've done this so many times by now. As expected they also have a pretty awesome booster pedal that goes under the name of Vexter Super Hard-On.



There are two things you can expect from Zvex – superb performance and completely crazy graphic designs. They used to hand-paint their pedals but lately it seems they've automated that process. Either way, one look at the Zvex Vexter Super Hard-On tells you you're working with standard Zvex product.

The enclosure is one of their regular types, only this time it comes with a single knob and a stomp-switch. The components on the inside are just outstanding. The pedal is made in a way that allows it to work reliably and deliver consistent performance at all times.



Staying true to the original booster design, Zvex adapted their standard case into a single knob box of boost. Aside from a different form factor, the interface on this pedal is nothing different from what you can see on just about any vintage booster.

It might be simple, but that's what has proven to work the best with this type of guitar effect. After all, when Zvex makes a pedal, we don't get to complain too much.


In terms of performance, Zvex Vexter Super Hard-On is defined by its linear boost and impressive levels of transparency. This is probably one of the most unobtrusive boost pedals you can find on the market at the moment.
Whether you need a boost in your clean channel, your want to get those tubes growling ever so slightly, Zvex Vexter Super Hard-On is one of the best candidates for the job. The only downside to this booster is the price.

However, paying a premium for Zvex pedals is nothing new, and by now we have learned that those high price tags are completely justified considering the performance you get. Granted, this might turn some people away from this pedal, especially considering it's ‘only a booster', but those who are looking for the best tone have different priorities.


Zvex hardware is not the cheapest, but it sure does bring a whole new layer of quality into the game. Their attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship is especially welcome when you need to make a simple effect even better than it already was.

It might sound like an easy thing to do, but creating a booster that is delivering good amounts of gain while retaining high levels of transparency is an art. In the grand scheme of things, Zvex is among those few brands who have managed to produce the level of transparency that is hardly found these days.

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  1. terry witzu says

    I don’t find it transparent, or clean at all. If that’s what you’re looking for you should set your sights on the Keeley Katana. However, unlike the Katana, the The Super Hard On has a surprising, and unique colour that I never want to turn off!!!!!
    The other great thing is that it’s not a popular pedal, so it gives you a very unique tone from other players.
    It has a spongy, Top Boost-esque sound that you know you’ve heard before, but can’t remember. But you remember liking it.
    Also, there’s a gorilla on it.

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