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Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp Chorus/Delay/Reverb Pedal – Versatility At Its Finest

4.7 out of 5 stars

Although there is a clear distinction between pretty much any guitar effect on the market, some effects can be bonded into groups due to being similar in sonic nature and vibe. For example – chorus, delay, and reverb are ideal for forming such a group, and it's nice to see folks at Zoom seeing eye to eye with us here!

The company's MS 70CDR stompbox is a perfect example that you CAN get a top-notch 3-in-1 deal with each of the components operating just as fine as if were dealing with individual pedals for each of the effects. Let's check this fella out now!


Tucked inside a light blue metal casing, the device operates as a stereo pedal with stereo In and stereo Out. We are looking at a vast array of built-in features, including an on-board noise gate, a tap tempo feature, trails settings, an included stereo EQ, USB-upgradable firmware, and an option for utilizing multiple power sources. These include battery, 9 volt adapter, and even a USB mini connector.

The majority of settings are controlled on the LCD display at the front. Seeing that we are looking at a whole lot of sonic options, having a clear display such as this one proved as vital. But more on that in the Control section. Apart from that, the product has a light weight of 1.2 pounds and total dimensions of 6.8 x 3.8 x 3 inches.

Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp Chorus:Delay:Reverb Pedal-1


The word(s) of the day here would be – a whole lotta controls! This device packs a whopping total of 86 effects – 29 reverbs, 26 delays, 16 choruses, and 15 various flangers, tremolos, vibratos, phases and modulators – and that means that many tweaks are indeed required.

To achieve that control, the user is presented with four buttons and three knobs to help you navigate through the menu on the LCD screen. That's where most of the magic happens and that's where you are supposed to craft your tone. On one hand, you can really nail the tone you envisioned, but on the other side you will have to invest some time into figuring out all the settings here.


Let's just say right from the top that for the listed price, the sound packed in this fella is truly top-level. You can get a really spacious, massive, beautiful tone and create a signature vibe thanks to the availability of such a vast array of tools and effects.

But another thing that needs to be stresses is that this pedal is trickier that your usual pedal. Basically, this thing is as complex as any guitar processor out there and you need to make sure that you have mastered all the controls and set up your sound in advance before hitting the stage. Minor on-stage tweaks aren't exactly an option with this machinery, so give it a few hours of your time, it'll be worth it!


When all is said and combined, Zoom MS-70CDR is a top value deal. If you like the vibe that chorus, reverb and delay bring to a guitar, but don't want to make it a focal point of your sound, this fella will do just fine. It will save you money and it will absolutely get the job done!

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