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Yamaha TRBX605 Review – A Bass with Endless Possibilities

4.8 out of 5 stars
Yamaha TRBX605 Review – A Bass with Endless Possibilities
Body And Neck:4.8 out of 5 stars
Hardware:5 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.7 out of 5 stars

While Yamaha are well known for their BB Series, their newer TRBX Series can certainly offer the performing bassist just as much in terms of style, tone and power. New for 2018, the brand have released the TRBX605 – the 5-string bass model in their new higher-end 600 line, although it’s one which still remains affordable for most bassists. Let’s check out what’s new.


Body & Neck

First impressions of this bass are usually something along the lines of ‘wow’. While it comes in a range of colors – including Black, Amber and Redburst – the natural finish is such an elegant and stylish look, you can’t help smile as you hold it. Plus, it shows off the delightful grains of the woods used to make the body. With a uniquely sculpted double-cutaway body, the TRBX605 is crafted of alder and maple, with the flamed maple top stealing the show. It’s sleek and well-contoured for a very comfortable playing experience.

This rings true with the bolt-on neck, which has a five-piece laminated maple/mahogany construction and features a rosewood fretboard with a full 24 frets and offset dot inlays. It’s incredibly playable with an ergonomic profile and satin finish. Overall the fit and finish of the TRBX605 is very commendable and feels like a high-end instrument, even though it’s still an Asian-made production model.



The TRBX605 is loaded with premium electronics that makes this 5-string bass a reliable machine, more than worthy for stage performances and recording. It features two YGD H5 pickups which use four Alnico V pole pieces per string, for increased power and a wide dynamic range. These pickups are part of an active circuit with a big selection of EQ controls including bass, mid and treble boost/cut, as well as a volume control, master tone control, and a pickup balancer. There’s also a handy switch for quickly changing from the active circuit to passive for a different feel and range of tones.

Elsewhere the TRBX605 is kitted out with a sturdy high-mass die-cast bridge which is fully-adjustable and very reliable. This is complemented by the set of chrome sealed tuners on the headstock in a 3+2 configuration.


There’s plenty to impress in the sound department too, with huge power and an incredible range of tones, which comes thanks to the myriad of controls. Playing on the active circuit, the tone is clean and clear, with a big thump and plenty of power for modern metal and heavy rock. A quick flick to the passive circuit gives you a warmer, more mellow sound that’s perfect for smoother music like jazz and blues. It’s hugely versatile and there doesn’t seem to be many sounds that this bass can’t produce.


The TRBX605 really is a workhorse of a bass guitar, offering 5-string players a powerful, versatile and downright great-looking instrument that’s worthy of any stage. For under $1,000 it’s a real steal!

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