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Yamaha TRBX 304 Bass Guitar Review – Yamaha's Legendary Workhorse

4.9 out of 5 stars
Yamaha TRBX 304 Bass Guitar Review – Yamaha's Legendary Workhorse
Body And Neck:4.9 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.9 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.9 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.9 out of 5 stars
Value:5 out of 5 stars

Yamaha's TRBX line of bass guitars has been among the most praised products this company has released in recent years. It's a huge family with models for just about ever segment of the market you can think of. The one we are looking at today represents the model for the mid-tier category, and it's simply a solid bass guitar.

The TRBX 304 doesn't bring anything that can even remotely be considered gimmicky, but its core performance has earned it a place among the elites. If you are searching for a neutral passive bass guitar that just brings on the thunder, this is the one to check out. It's by far one of the most versatile and capable bass guitars in the $500 price range.

Yamaha TRBX 304 Bass Guitar Body

Body & Neck

The pure mahogany body that shares the shape with most of the TRBX lineup is comfortable and well balanced. There's a variety of finish options for you to choose from, however the Mist Green one seems to be the best variant in terms of aesthetics. The neck is a five-piece mahogany and maple design, which is something you only find in much more expensive guitars. So far, Yamaha is on point with everything. With that said, you will see a regular rosewood fretboard and standard dot inlays.


While there's a lot going on Yamaha TRBX 304, the hardware side of the business is standard. There's a vintage style bridge with four fully adjustable saddles on one end, while a set of four die-cast tuning machines sits on the headstock and takes care of business from that side. Combined, these two hardware components work like magic. You won't have to worry about dropping out of tune or losing your intonation.


When you closely inspect the electronics on this bass guitar, you will finally realize just how far ahead Yamaha is when it comes to certain things. Two M3 ceramic humbuckers are there to deliver the most output and definition you could possibly need, however they are not the star of the show. For that, we need to turn to the circuitry. This bass guitar comes with four control knobs, but also a select switch that doesn't select pickups, but rather presets which instantly adjust the two band EQ for various styles of music. Best of all, this somewhat complicated system works.

Yamaha TRBX 304 Bass Guitar Headstock


In terms of sound, things are just as great. There's a lot of depth to the M3 pups, and the range of tones you can dial in is borderline absurd. That two band EQ works incredibly well on its own, but engaging some of those features really pushes it to the limit where it feels pretty comfortable. No matter how silly it sounds to shave something like this on your bass guitar, Yamaha's unusual idea actually works.


For all that TRBX 304 offers, the price tag which comes with one of these is more than reasonable. As a matter of fact, it's on the cheaper side compared to some other bass guitars in this category. Comfortable, capable and accurate, Yamaha TRBX 304 is among the few proven models you can trust to get you the sound you need.

Check this out for a short video overview:

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  1. John says

    Brought the 304, its truly amazing for £300. Wow, lovin it. The guitar is beautiful. Very well made and the sound is awesome. Thank you Yamaha.

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