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Yamaha THR5A Review – When Size Matters

4.7 out of 5 stars

Yamaha is definitely a brand that you least know for guitar amps. With that said, they sure make some of the most interesting models you will find these days. Case in point, Yamaha THR5A. This tiny thing is ranked among the best combo acoustic amps you can get today, especially if you are on a limited budget. On top of that, it comes packed with cool features and effects. Let's meet the Yamaha THR5A

Yamaha THR5A Control


THR5A belongs to a larger family of THR compact amps. This one is simply geared towards acoustic guitars. In terms of controls, you are looking at a pretty interesting combination. Going left to right, the first thing we run into is a built in tuner with its small display. Up next comes the Mic Type select knob that features five different built-in voices. Two of these are dedicated for microphone use while the other three are geared towards acoustic guitars. Then comes the Blend/Gain knob followed by the Master, Tone, Effect, Delay/Reverb select knob, and Volume. All in all, not the layout you run into every day. However, you can use the available controls to dial in a killer tone with ease.

Yamaha THR5A Feature


The first time you see Yamaha's THR5A, you might assume it is an amp head. However, Yamaha has a few tricks up their sleeve. This is actually a very compact combo. Behind that perforated metal cover, you will find two 8 cm speakers. Combined power rating for the entire setup is some 10 Watts RMS. In other words, this isn't the most powerful amplifier out there. While it is designed to be used with a microphone, the only input you get is the standard 1/4 Inch TRS, which may limit you in some ways. Where THR5A comes to shine is recording music. With a USB port inthe back, you can hook it straight to your computer and get an impressive quality of tone.


On its own, THR5A is a nimble little amp. Those 8 cm speakers are actually powerful enough to saturate a smaller venue with sound, even though they only have 10 Watts to work with. Using the amp is pretty easy, especially in a home environment. When it comes to different voicing modes available, Yamaha has reduced the selection to only five choices. On the other hand, the ones you do get are just a blast to use. That is thanks to Yamaha's VCM processor unit that is there to add a layer of realism to THR5A's output. The best thing about this amp is how well it works with steel string but also classical acoustic guitars. Combined with its highly versatile nature, this amp is a great choice for just about anyone.


Yamaha's THR5A is not your standard acoustic guitar amp. However, it is one of the most versatile setups which won't kill your finances. If you are looking to record music at home while still having a decent tone for practice, chances are you won't find a better package than this one.

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