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Yamaha LL6M – Advanced Acoustics From Yamaha

4.4 out of 5 stars
Yamaha LL6M – Advanced Acoustics From Yamaha
Body And Neck:4.3 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.2 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.7 out of 5 stars
Value:4.5 out of 5 stars


The LL6M acoustic-electric hit is part of Yamaha’s latest, groundbreaking LL series. What’s so special about it? You will soon find out. The instrument offers a full range of tones at your disposal due to its quality mixture of woods and comfortable construction.

This guitar packs Yamaha’s innovative ARE (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) technology, giving you an “aged-in” or “broken-in” feel to your guitar’s tone. How? Well, I’m not a scientist. The rest of the instrument is comprised of innovative features all over the place, which I’ll gradually describe below.


Body & Neck

The guitar’s dreadnought body shape is responsible for a nearly limitless tonal spectrum. Thanks to it, the instrument delivers rich, full sounds with every swing of its strings. The body is comprised of a hand selected Engelmann spruce top carrying the ARE technology, as well as a tortoise pickguard.

The sides and back are made of mahagony with a gorgeous natural urethane finish. The comfortable 5-piece neck is made of mahogany on a scale of 25.5 inches, while the rosewood fingerboard carries 20 frets, white dot inlays and a 1.73 inches wide nut.



The hardware, as well as electronics on this git, is where the groundbreaking magic occurs. I don’t know how they fit all of this together in a 500$ fiddle, I’m just glad they did, and you should be too.

The gitbox is concluded at the top by its beautiful Yamaha headstock equipped with diecast gold TM-29G tuning machines. Looking on the other side, you will come across the standard rosewood bridge which does an excellent job at keeping the strings in check.


The LL6M features an innovative passive SRT Zero Impact internal pickup system which caters to each string individually, giving you, through your guitar, a formidable, rise-above-all presence in your performances. The pickups do not, however, alter your original sound.

Their presence in minimal, yet enhancing. For this to work, you will need to use an external preamp, as the instrument does not feature onboard controls. Take it a downside if you will, I believe it’s a non-issue when you consider the enrichment it provides.


This beauty’s sound output may have you never considering a different guitar purchase. It’s an all-around masterpiece which offers the best of both worlds; electric and acoustic. Witness the full glory of lush and deep dreadnought sounds, combined with enhancements giving them a “plugged-in” electric vibe. It’s never been easier to play a dreadnought guitar, due to the magnificent construction, you have comfort and playability at its finest, backed up with massive tonal sustainability.


The LL6M is an admirable work of art which can serve as an example for future models. If you’re looking for a fresh playing experience, Yamaha have proven to be out-of-the-box thinkers here. A deservedly praised guitar, well worth the money purely on the sound quality alone.

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