Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar Review – A Well Made Workhorse Acoustic

Trying to find a decent affordable acoustic guitar is probably more of a hassle than it is to go and get a premium one. A lot of people find themselves in this situation every day. Yamaha is one of the few brands that is not trying to deliver a premium guitar at a low price or something that would attract potential buyers with false promises.

Instead, they offer a guitar that is completely proportional to the price you’re expected to pay and delivers a well-rounded performance many guitar players are longing for. That is one way to describe the Yamaha FG800


Body and Neck

The FG series, in general, is known to be the working man’s acoustic guitar. Affordable yet reliable, it’s no wonder why this specific series has survived for over half a century. This FG800 we’re looking at here is you standard Dreadnought design with solid Sitka spruce top and Nato back/sides.

One of the defining attributes of this guitar is the new bracing, which Yamaha came up with not so long ago. The neck is pretty standard in every aspect, but it’s also comfortable and smooth. FG800 comes in a variety of color choices, which cover most of your usual designs.



When we are discussing models in this price range, there aren’t many surprises in term of hardware. Tuners come in form of your standard die cast set. All things considered, they do a pretty decent job at keeping the guitar in tune.

The bridge is a Rosewood design, but the nut and saddle are made of Urea. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this material, it’s a type of plastic that has proven to be rather resilient to constant wear created by the strings. Would I like to see Tusq or bone instead? Sure, but we are talking about pretty cheap guitars here.


The sound of Yamaha’s affordable series is definitely one of their best attributes. Like we have mentioned before, they have prioritized a well-rounded tone over anything else. This resulted in a bland looking guitar that sounds pretty good considering which segment of the market it belongs to.

The instrument’s Dreadnought body shape takes care of balanced performance across the frequency range, while the tonewood does the rest. This makes it a great beginner guitar, but also something more advanced players on a budget should consider.


Overall, Yamaha FG800 stays true to the reputation of its predecessors. It’s not flashy, nor is it trying to be something it is obviously not. What you do get are balance, consistency, and decent performance. For the price they are asking us to pay for this guitar, it’s a bargain at the moment.

After all, there is a perfectly good reason why so many beginners have invested their trust in Yamaha over the past several decades. Those who are too scared to experiment with different brands and simply need a guitar that is reliable, FG series is always the answer.

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  1. Just got my Yamaha FG 800 today and I’m very impressed with the look, the craftsmanship, and most of all the sound. Especially for the price! I’ve owned more expensive guitars, but none sounded this good out of the box. I will try to have the action lowered a bit, then it is definitely a keeper!

  2. Some years ago I had an FG it was a great guitar and I always wondered why I sold it
    Well I got an 800 and wow not disappointed, it’s a great sounding easy playing well built guitar, yes not flashy but it’s great. Sounds as good as my expensive Guitar and plays all as good. Jake Bug toured with a 700 FG so I guess that says it all. Now keep this quite I’d definitely pay a lot more than the asking price and as for beginners guitar, it’s good enough for a working guitarist and reliable. You would have to go a long way to better than this.

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