Yamaha C40 Full Size Nylon String – European Sound Designed In The Orient


Yamaha have been participants in the guitar business for over 120 years, which means they truly mean business. If you’re an electric guitar lover, take a look at their Pacifica line as an example. The brand’s C series is an admirable line of full sized guitars with unique qualities attached to their personalized touch, unlikely to be found elsewhere.

The C40 is a classical instrument hovering around the 150$ price tag, marking it as an excellent git to get you up and going on your newly developed path to becoming a musician. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, it doesn’t matter. You will get an authentic experience out of this affordable work of art.


Body & Neck

The body has a spruce top and the back and sides are made of Indonesian mahogany with a gorgeous melamine gloss finish at the back. The thick neck is made of nato wood material, attached to it is the rosewood fingerboard which comes equipped with 19 frets.

The fingerboard’s flat design is worthy to take into consideration before making your purchase, meaning if you’re buying this as/for a person with smaller hands or a child, then that might cause some difficulties. However, for regular usage the instrument’s 25.9 inch scale allows for fantastic comfort.


The guitar is rounded off at the top by its typical headstock, which is no different than what you’ll find on other classical gits. The headstock is rigged with six chrome YTM-01 tuning machines. The hardware composition ends with the standard rosewood bridge model.


The guitar comes with a preset high action which you can adjust to your liking if you don’t see it fitting to your size. The tuners and strings are in excellent shape, offering precise intonation and stability along with its rosewood bridge. The sound is the main highlight of this Yamaha beauty, as it performs everything a classical fiddle should.

Smooth, mellow and authentic tones which can easily compete with its looming 200-300$ counterparts. The C40’s tonal range make it a perfect instrument for those of you just starting to discover the sound potential in the acoustics department. It can satisfy you for years on end without a flinch, a fitting companion before you decide to kick it up a notch and get yourself a more expensive gitbox.


The C40 is the ultimate choice for an individual who’s just starting to play a classical guitar. The superb qualities from all perceptible standpoints make it an unrivaled standout instrument in its respective price bracket.

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