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Xotic Effects SL Drive Distortion – Low Profile High Gain

4.6 out of 5 stars

Xotic rose up near the end of the 20th century as a bass pedal manufacturer featuring high customization. In 1999, they marked their place on the guitar market with the release of their high-end guitar and bass pedals product line, Xotic Effects.

Many guitar professionals to this day, depend on Xotic Effect to form their signature sounds, to name a few: Michael Rhodes, Chris Roy, Keith Horn… and many more.
One of the most affordable “stomp-boxes” in their product line is the Xotic Effects SL Drive Distortion. It is extremely effective featuring cutting edge technology, crafted with care and diligence for distortion lovers everywhere.



This pedal rose to fame and captured the hearts of guitar enthusiasts and pros alike, its original release has helped the likes of Jimmy Page and Paul Kossoff deliver their renowned music to the world-wide audience. Wrapped up in a neat and durable chassis, featuring a beautiful vintage color theme, this masterpiece really is food for the eyes. The pedal contains True Bypass switching, ensuring zero interference when turned off, and it requires a single 9V battery to run or an AC adapter.


The pedal features internal 4 switches, which allow you to choose between the sound options of the original vintage models dating back to 1959, with an added mid to high frequency option, and an optional +6 dB sound boost. The vintage sounds in question are the Super Lead and the Super Bass, offering a dazzling sound with more gain or a lower, smoother tone with less gain, respectfully. The control knobs on this pedal feature controls for Tone, Drive and Volume. Tinkering with the knobs, depending on which mode you’re in, you can get everywhere from a grainy, yet clean tone to a dirtier, more aggressive one or anything in-between.


This versatile masterpiece mimics original world famous sounds perfectly, and provides new ones alike. The amount of options provided by the on-board knobs may not seem like much, but when you combine those with the internal switches it opens up to heavy experimentation and it will charm you no matter what you play. With a swift amp-like response, it follows your guitar every step of the way and guides it to perfection.


If you’re looking for a cheap pedal that doesn’t offer the same usual tricks others do in its price range in order to attract guitarists on a budget, this beautiful “stomp-box” by Xotic will amaze you. It provides high-quality sound refinement and it’s definitely worth every penny, crushing its competition.

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