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Our team is currently looking for video content contributors.

You can get PAID while you have fun shooting videos and/or writing about your hobby of profession!

Whether you are an enthusiast beginner, a seasoned guitar player or a professional teacher you can help us become a better place!

Share your experience, knowledge and skills with the visitors of GuitarFella! Get famous or remain anonymous, everything is up to you! Guitar lessons, guitar guides, tips, tricks, songs, gear reviews, just think on what you like doing and we will help you shine!

The whole process is as simple as few steps:

1. Fill in the contact form below. Let us know about your knowledge and experience. Share your previous work whether it is videos, written content, pictures, guides and anything else that comes in your mind.

2. You will be contacted by our editor about our projects and will discuss what you want/can do. Guitar lessons, guitar guides, tips, tricks, songs, gear reviews and everything else guitar related! We want yo work with you!

3. Prepare an outline on what you will do and upon approval you will get a supply sum immediately paid via PayPal.

4. Submit your work for revision. Our editor will let you know if anything needs to be changed or edited.

5. Once your work is revised and approved you will receive the remaining of the reward via PayPal.

6. Rinse, repeat and profit!

Here are some guidelines on the type of rewards that you can earn:


1. Guitar guides – tips, tricks, maintenance..
2. Buying guides – how to guy a specific type of guitar, gear and so on..
3. Guitar Lessons – full songs, techniques etc
4. Gear reviews (video reviews of the gear that you currently have!)
5. More cool guitar related stuff!

Video up to 5 mins: $30
Video mini-project (multiple videos) between 20-30mins – $150
Video mini-project (multiple videos) between 50-600mins – $250
Advanced video courses – 3 hours or more – Starting from $500+

If there is anything else that comes in your mind that you think is worth publishing, let us know!

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