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Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle Review – The Definition Of a Modern Fuzz

5 out of 5 stars

Ever since Way Huge came back in cooperation with Dunlop, we have seen that good old outstanding quality back in the fuzz segment. Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle is just one of the best fuzz pedals around, there's no question about it.

Everything about this pedal is impressive to a point that you just have to at least try one. You can easily compare this thing to any of the great fuzz pedals on the market, and it will beat most of them.

As we are about to show you, the amount of control you have over your tone with the Swollen Pickle will blow you away. This is a dream fuzz for those who just need to be able to fine-tune every aspect of their sound. On top of that, you get a fuzz effect that induces goose bumps on the regular.



This is a bit of a chunky pedal that comes in a flashy green color. That probably has something to do with its name, but that has not been proven. The body of the Pickle is made of anodized aluminum, that is both tough and lightweight. This thing is built like a tank, and you definitely don't have to treat it like a princess if you perform a lot.

One look on the top panel will tell you that there's a lot going on with this fuzz pedal. There are all kinds of knobs to work with, and some hidden ones as well.



Where to even begin. The Loudness knob is your volume control, and right across it is where you find Sustain. This knob controls the amount of fuzz you add to your signal. In the middle of these two is the Filter knob. This feature allows you to darken to tone completely, or make it very present and clear.

Below this upper cluster, there are two mini knobs. On the left side, you have Scoop, which is basically a mid scoop control. On the right side, there is Crunch. This feature compresses the sound of the Swollen Pickle or opens it up.

Besides these, you also have two internal knobs. One is used to fine tune the Scoop control, while the other allows you to choose between two pairs of clipping diodes. In other words, you can either have a smooth fuzz or a more jagged one.


The range of tones you can get from the Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle is impressive, to say the least. There's a Fuzz Face in there somewhere, as well as a trace of Jimmy Page. For a single pedal, this thing just blows away most of the market in terms of versatility.


Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle is something every guitar player simply needs to try out at least. There is a reason Way Huge pedals went for as much as a $1000 when this company closed its doors. They simply know how to make an effects pedal that is on a completely different level. If you are looking for a flexible fuzz that also sounds like a million bucks, Swollen Pickle is what you're looking for.

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