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Way Huge WHE207 Green Rhino Mini MKIV Review – Miniature Powerhouse

4.8 out of 5 stars

Way Huge always did things somewhat differently. Most of their pedals show this in one way or another. When it comes to great distortion pedals for bass, their WHE207 Green Rhino Mini MKIV comes to mind. This pedal brings a perfect balance of power and flavor in a compact format.



A brief glance over Way Huge WHE207 Green Rhino Mini MKIV reveals that it isn't all too different from its larger cousin. The pedal features a solid chassis that has been proven to be durable enough for just about any kind of use. In a classic Way Huge fashion, this mini Rhino comes with a green brushed aluminum finish. Generally speaking, it is fairly attractive pedal. Mounting it on a busy pedalboard might be an issue considering its unusual size, but some planing usually takes care of that. In terms of features, you are looking at rock solid components with inputs and outputs located at the back of the pedal. Powering the Way Huge WHE207 Green Rhino Mini MKIV can be done by using either a 9V battery or a DC adapter. Overall, it is a simple package on the outside, but a total beast once you plug it in.



The controls for the Way Huge WHE207 Green Rhino Mini MKIV are fairly unusual when compared to other distortion pedals on the market. Your main inputs include a Volume knob, Drive knob and a Tone knob. This is where some are probably a bit disappointed due to the lack of a proper EQ. However, there is more. We have two smaller knobs, one labeled as 100Hz and the other labeled 500Hz. In a sense, these two can add up to 12dB respectively. That makes for a very interesting tone shaping experience, especially when you work these with the Tone knob. The last thing we would like to mention is the voicing switch. When engaged, this switch essentially defaults the pedal to what the original Green Rhino would sound like. In a way, that switch makes this a pedal with two voices available.


Speaking of voices and sound, plugging the bass guitar into Way Huge WHE207 Green Rhino Mini MKIV yields some very interesting results. This isn't necessarily a pedal designed for use with bass guitars, however the fact that it has 500Hz and 100Hz trim controls make it more than compatible. Additionally, Green Rhino perhaps isn't quite a distortion pedal and leans more towards a chunkier overdrive. With that said, the way it enriches a standard bass guitar tone makes it a much better choice than most dedicated distortion pedals you can find out there. It brings a mean punch with just enough abrasive flavor to make your bass sound mean. With mid and bass boost/cut, you can dial in a perfect tone that suits your style and your bass guitar's pickups. At the end of the day, Way Huge WHE207 Green Rhino Mini MKIV is truly a versatile beast.


When it comes to achieving great results using unusual means, Way Huge is the go-to brand. Their Way Huge WHE207 Green Rhino Mini MKIV is a perfect example of an awesome platform that has been made to be even more versatile than before. It's a proven, safe choice for anyone.

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