Washburn WD7S Harvest Series – Working Man’s Acoustic Guitar

Washburn WD7S Harvest Series – Working Man’s Acoustic Guitar
Body And Neck:


Washburn guitars began by crafting instruments as early as the 19th century. They are USA-based, and are most famous for pioneering their grand entrance on the market with what is considered the first-ever Dreadnought guitar in 1912 – the Lakeside Jumbo.

They are responsible for an innumerable amount of quality guitar lines over their course of existence. The Harvest Series is one of those, featuring a mixture of quality tone woods and components in a number of lovely acoustic guitars.

The WD7S embodies all aforementioned qualities, and it comes presented with a $200 price tag. It is a generous selection for a beginner and an excellent choice for intermediates on a budget.


Body & Neck

The instrument’s dreadnought body shape offers a wide selection of tones at your disposal. The body is made of a solid sitka spruce top – which, as the manufacturers claim, improves the tone as it ages – I’ll be sure to let you know in a few years if their statement holds its merit.

Nonetheless, the body delivers your sound with excellent projection. The back and sides are made of mahogany with an eye-catching gloss finish. The mahogany neck comes on a scale of 25.6 inches, hosting a rosewood fingerboard, which comes rigged with 20 frets and a bone nut.

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Taking a look at the technical aspect of this beauty, the line of quality keeps spiraling upwards. The hardware maintains excellent pitch and strikingly stable string precision. Making sure of this are the tuning machines situated atop its headstock, and on the other end – the rosewood bridge system.


The WDS7’s sound quality speaks for itself. The instrument being what it is, a dreadnought acoustic – delivers as such. The guitar’s sounds are big and loud, and I mean SERIOUSLY loud, you won’t be heard if there’s two moving trucks beside you, but it certainly blows away different types of acoustic fiddles.

Despite its loud nature, your sound integrity will remain intact, loud but sharp and clear tones which clearly convey your original playing intention.  When you apply fingerpicking to its steel strings, the instrument unleashes a different side of it through its surprisingly soft and mellow tones.


The WD7S is a true winner if you’re looking for a pure acoustic guitar. It showcases nothing but quality through its sounds. The neck construction allows for exceptional comfort rarely found in a dreadnought gitbox. The instrument is a great fit for beginners, but who’s to say it can’t last you for years if you’ve mastered the “basics” already? It is valuable pick for anyone at a stunning price.

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