Washburn C80S Madrid Classical Guitar – Classical Sound And Great Quality At a Reasonable Price


Today’s menu features Washburn’s C80S. It is a Spanish guitar, which is just another name for Classical, but since the instrument is labeled as Madrid, we might as well do it some justice. This classical beauty is crafted using an exceptional mixture of tone woods.

In positive consequence to this, the instrument’s sound projection is off the charts, unlike anything I’ve heard off in a sub 300$ git. Besides that, the C80S has an enticing, classy aura surrounding it, aesthetically. The brand is definitely well known in that regard.


Body & Neck

The guitar’s body has a lovable shape sporting comfort at its finest. The body is made of a solid cedar top featuring and inlaid rosette around the sound hole. The back and sides are made of rosewood, wrapped around with a gorgeous clear finish.

The mahogany neck sports a slightly wider profile, yet it still matches its body, further emphasizing on the instrument’s playability. The neck accommodates a rosewood fingerboard equipped with 18 frets.



When inspecting the guitar’s raw components, it will be tough to distinguish it from slightly costlier gits, and they wouldn’t prove an incremental sound quality increase in comparison. The instrument is finished off at the top by a classy Washburn headstock, which I have nothing but praise for.

The headstock is armed with six gold open ended tuning machines. The guitar’s gold hardware is continued by its bound rosewood bridge sitting atop a compensated saddle. The git’s hardware components ensure flawless intonation through its nylon strings, regardless of your playing intention.


The instrument is preset for rocking (or folk-ing?) right out of the box. The action is at an optimal level, not too low/high, while the hardware nullifies any tuning problems. The wide fret and short neck is definitely a preferred setup for fingerstyle playing.

A typical classical guitar meant for emulating your favorite tunes with ease. Its solid top, along with its other components, are of a caliber rarely met in this price range, enabling smooth sound projection which will please you for years to come.


If you like playing casually with a group of friends, or in a laidback environment in your home, you can grab this gitbox at an affordable price and keep it forever. Its qualities assuredly surpass its price, and my personal advice would be to either get this baby or buy something which costs twice as much, I can’t distinguish a middle ground.

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