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Wampler Pedals EGOCOMPRESSOR Pedal – Adding New Layers To Compression

4.7 out of 5 stars

Wampler is a guitar pedal manufacturer you’ll meet with great frequency as you delve into the guitar world. They have earned the trust and respect of guitarists coming from various backgrounds, the main reason for this being the fact that their pedals are entirely hand-made with care and in great detail, going through extensive testing in various setups, before finally being released on the market aimed to cater to everyone’s needs. A great example for this, and subject for our review, is the Wampler Pedals Essentials Ego Compressor pedal.


This pedal is one of the most versatile compressor pedals on the market, with an excellent blend function amongst others, it provides high-end tonal smoothing and quality, while leaving your sound to go through the way you meant it to be – transparency being the keyword here. The pedal contains True Bypass, top-notch resistors/capacitors – specifically picked out for their exceptional sound quality and responsiveness, it contains the regular input/output jacks, and an array of control functions neatly arranged with sharp visual clarity. It’s all packed along in a chassis easily distinguishable as a Wampler pedal.



The variety of control knobs featured on the pedal are Volume, Sustain, Attack, Tone and Blend.
Volume is simple and self-explanatory, however the other functions might need some further clarification:

-Sustain is responsible for controlling the level of the compression effect itself, you can go from a thoroughly transparent boost to full-on compression here, while still enhancing your sound in a beautiful manner.

-Attack determines how fast the compression effect kicks in after you play it.

-Tone is quite a rare find control knob on compression pedals, it can mimic old-school compressor as if there was no control whatsoever, however tuning up adds an increase in gorgeous sound enrichment resulting in an overall increase in quality of your tone.

-Blend defines the level of compression added to your signal, you can go from 0 for completely clean sound to 100 for maximum effect, when you tune it to 50/50 you can really feel your signal split in half, outstanding work by the manufacturers here.

We’ve laid out the options above as much as its possible to describe sound with text, what’s left now is for you to experiment and refine it according to your taste.


This compression masterpiece provides an exceptional organic feel and wonderful harmony to your sound, play around with the control knobs and the possibilities are literally endless, it might be tricky to get to know its feel at first (the instruction manual helps a lot here) but it’s definitely worth it for the unmatched sound enhancement it provides. If you’re looking to get a compression pedal, the versatile beast is an obvious answer.


The ego compressor is one of best compressor pedals ever made in its respective category, throw your doubts away and give it a chance, featuring an overwhelming amount of capabilities backed up with high-end sound quality, it’s definitely a no-brainer pick that will not disappoint.

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