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Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe Review – A Whole Lot More Than Just a Tremolo

4.9 out of 5 stars

Tremolo is one category of effects pedals where simplicity is considered to be the standard way of getting the job done. With that said, as much as there are benefits to this approach, sometimes you just need more control over the tone. Wampler sensed this early on and designed one of the most versatile tremolo pedals on the market.

Their Latitude Tremolo Deluxe is a dream come true for those who simply need to tweak every possible aspect of their tone. On top of that, it also brings the performance that puts it right next to other top tier tremolo pedals.



Pearl white color combined with a vintage black typeface is a combo that will always work. It's a timeless design, and Wamplers decision to take this route is something we can only praise. The body of the Latitude Tremolo Deluxe is a wide one, but that is perfectly understandable considering the number of control knobs they've decide to install on this model. The pedal comes true bypass, which is to be expected since it's a handmade boutique piece.



There are so many controls available on this pedal, that it will take some time to figure everything out. Let's start with the basics. Speed knob is your usual frequency adjustment knob. There is also Depth, which determines how deep the dips in volume are going to go. Then we have some not so common controls. Space, for example, allows you to add additional room between the bursts of volume.

Attack controls the attack stage of the effect. This works exactly like adjusting the attack stage of an envelope filter. Then there's your Wave Forms switch that allows you to choose between three types of waves. Lastly, there's the Sub Division switch that essentially allows you to scale down the tapped tempo.


The range of possibilities Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe offers is hard to grasp in full. With so many control knobs, you can dial in an impressive amount of different tremolo variations, each of them unique in its own way.

With that said, if you are not in the mood for that kind of tweaking, this tremolo can give you that standard effect as well. All things considered, this Wampler creation has given the competition a pretty big homework to do – one not many can even begin to catch up with.


Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe is a true beacon of innovation in a sea of monotone designs. If you have gone through several standard tremolo pedals which left you feeling empty, this is the model that will give you that extra performance you need so badly.

Sure, it's a boutique piece that definitely isn't the cheapest thing out there, but this type of tone and control is worth the investment. The only thing to keep in mind is that there is no battery powered version available, so make sure that you have the necessary hardline ready to power this beast.

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