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Voodoo Lab Tremolo Review – When Boutique Shops Get It Right

4.8 out of 5 stars

Voodoo Labs comes bringing one of the most reliable and top-performing tremolo pedals on the market. What Voodoo Labs Tremolo delivers is a perfect combination of features, without going heavily into niche territory, and reasonable price.

The result of this fusion is a pedal that can keep up with most requirements, ad fit most budgets quite comfortably. Whether you need a good, light tremolo for your pedalboard or a capable stompbox that can deliver a more refined trem effect, Voodoo Labs Tremolo is a pedal you simply need to put on your list.



When it comes to the aesthetic design of this pedal, Voodoo Labs took a safer route. This model features a standard wide body that is made of rather durable materials. The whole thing feels solid and inspires confidence when you pick it up.

The footswitch is top notch, and not something you have to worry about. On top of all that, Voodoo Labs also included a pretty detailed graphic pattern that gives this tremolo an attractive appearance. For the most part, the features you will find on this model are average, but the way they are designed puts this pedal among the best of the best.



The old school lamp and photocell circuitry are controlled by a set of four knobs. The first one on the left is going to be the knob, which is your standard depth control. That is followed by the Slope knob that allows you to go from more vintage smooth trem to a modern choppy one.

Up next is the Speed knob, which is another standard control for tremolo pedals. and it is used to adjust the speed of the effect. Lastly, there is the Volume knob that you can use to cut or boost the level of the output.


In terms of performance, Voodoo Labs Tremolo brings a very balanced trem effect that has a lot of that vintage feel to it. The controls that are available are more than enough to dial in a variety of trem effects, ranging from the old school one you would find on most vintage amps, to the modern chopper style tremolo.

This type of performance is pretty impressive considering this is one of the cheaper pedals of this type if we exclude the bottom scrappers. While it doesn't bring some niche features, Voodoo Labs Tremolo is a very solid model that will keep up with you no matter what you need it to do.


Compared to other tremolo pedals on the market, Voodoo Labs Tremolo distinguishes itself with its rock solid performance. Not a lot of brands are willing to invest their time and money into pushing that core performance to the next level.

On the contrary, most of them are doing their best to find something new to offer to the end user. While that is great, we rarely see a solid tremolo that simply works. Fortunately for us, Voodoo Labs is all about that.

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