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TC Electronics Flashback X4 Guitar Delay Effects Pedal – An Advanced Multi Tool

4.6 out of 5 stars

TC Electronics is an extremely well-known and popular brand name among guitar lovers around the world. From starters playing in their garage, to famous professional guitarists admired by fans everywhere. TCE have been producing state of the art pedals aimed at a wide variety of users, with a wide variety of features. Based in Denmark, and founded in 1985, they’ve been maintaining their tradition of quality for nearly 30 years. One of the finest “stomp-boxes” they’ve ever made is the TCE Flashback X4 Guitar Delay Effects pedal.



This amazingly versatile pedal offers a seemingly overwhelming magnitude of high quality features. The pedal has 16 (yep, you read it right – SIXTEEN) glorious delay types, three preset modes, the standard Tap Tempo switch, and TC’s exclusive TonePrint technology. This pedal enables 40 seconds of loop time, with an option to “undo” included. TrueBypass is a natural inclusion in this high quality pedal, as well as Analog-Dry-Through. Lastly, you have the standard inputs/outputs on the sides of the box.

The interface has a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing design, with a dominating shade of blue. The controls knobs are all neatly placed in a very functional manner. Although it may look intimidating at first, it’s really not, this pedal is properly designed to suit guitarists with varying levels of experience and skill. The physical side of the box is properly justified by its array of features, its dimensions are 13 x 7 x 4 inches, and it weighs 3.4 pounds.



The delay options offered on this masterpiece start of numerically assorted from 1 to 4, signifying 4 different TonePrint presets carefully selected by the manufacturer for ultimate diversity and quality. Discover for yourself which ones suits you best. Then you have the neatly well-rounded: Ping Pong, LoFi, Slap, 2290 with mod, 2290, Dynamic, Reverse, Analog with mod, Analog, Space, Tube and Tape.
4 others knobs include control of Delay Time, Feedback, Delay Level and Looper Level. These functions, respectively, control the length between repeats, the total length of the repeat, and its intensity. The Looper Level only functions if you activate the appropriate Looper switch.


This remarkable delay pedal is every guitarist’s wet dream. Master your sound, tune it to your liking, take advantage of the Tempo Tap control and synchronize your delays with your own style and rhythm, or even a fellow band member’s instrument. Switching between delays is instant and responsive as possible, you can feel the smooth vibration of each one of the carefully selected presets. The TonePrint offers infinite possibilities of setting your delay, you can tune and refine all of the pedal’s knobs to your liking, the more you understand it, the better the thrill.


This superlative work of art by TCE proves once again why they’re one of the most recognized brands on the market. Easy to start using, insanely fun to master. The Flashback is definitely a keeper you will not regret buying.

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