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TC Electronic TonePrint Hall of Fame Reverb Signal Path Pedal – The Flagship Of The Lineup

4.6 out of 5 stars

TC Electronic are one of the finest guitar product manufacturers out there, their company is situated in Denmark, with a long lasting reputation for providing awesome quality products. Their motto states “Adding class to classics”, and you’re not being lied to, over time they’ve worked with some of the finest guitarists around in order to conjure up the best sounds possible.

Today we’re going to introduce you to one of their very rich and versatile pedals featuring outstanding signature effects that secured its spot at the top rated reverb effects chart, the TonePrint Hall of Fame Reverb Signal Path Pedal.


This dynamic pedal offers a plethora of modifications aimed at the slightly more experienced user, or a newbie enthusiast who wants to get in there and try everything out. This pedal features TonePrint, a quality exclusive to TCE, crafted from the ground up with the help of real-life musicians, amazing custom sounds available for tweaking to your preference. The HOF reverb has a compact, neat and well-rounded design, its dimensions are 5 x 3 x 4 inches, meaning it is not a hassle to carry around and it doesn’t take up much space. It contains stereo in and out inputs, and it only requires one 9V battery.



Even though this pedal’s interface may look intimidating on first look, it’s incredibly easy to configure and it takes minutes to master, so don’t be alarmed. You are offered a wide spectrum of reverb, you have 10 options to work with: Room, Hall, Spring, Plate, Church, Modulated Reverb, LoFi, Tile, Ambient, Gated, and of course, the TonePrint. The product also features Level, Decay and Tone controls, True Bypass, as well as Analog-Dry-Through – for that ultimate sound clarity.


This outstanding pedal’s reverb options provide you with remarkable sound output, whether you want to chill in your room, blast your music in a concert hall, it doesn’t matter, you are covered everywhere you go. The TonePrint is a groundbreaking option. It gives you the unique and fascinating ability to formulate your own reverb using TCE’s specific software.

This software offers you access to a wide array of parameters in order to help you create a unique reverb to your liking, after the creation process, you can load it into your pedal through USB, and you’re set! You can also look online and download a lot of custom pre-built settings if you’d like. It’s all there for your tinkering and customization needs.


TCE is a name that’s synonymous for quality in the guitar world. If you decide to buy this effective, sleek and versatile pedal, you will not be disappointed. This pedal’s pre-built quality reverbs and customization options offer you everything you’ve ever wanted for your guitar.

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