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TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato Pedal Review – Shaking Things Up With Unmatched Versatility

4.9 out of 5 stars
TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato Pedal Review – Shaking Things Up With Unmatched Versatility
Controls:4.9 out of 5 stars
Features:5 out of 5 stars
Performance:4.9 out of 5 stars
Value:4.7 out of 5 stars

TC Electronic has been putting all of their eggs into a single basket, and it seems to be working for them rather well. When we say this, we are talking about their TonePrint technology which is notorious for completely changing the landscape of guitar effects pedals in general. Think of it as fusion between the old school and modern tech, that doesn't suck as it is usually the case with these projects.

Needless to say, the gamble paid off big time, and TC Electronic keeps raking in the positive feedback from their users. The vibrato we are looking at today is one of their better designs that deserves some love. Actually, we might as well just put on the list along with other dream team pedals of today.



So what does this pedal offer? In short, you are getting a bullet proof design that is impervious to use, all while kicking things to a higher gear. There are two types of vibratos to choose from aside from the TonePring world of wonders. The latter can yield some pretty magnificent results and would require a whole article of its own in order to properly describe. TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato Pedal comes with true bypass, so you don't have to worry about signal pollution when the pedal is off.



There are essentially four dynamic controls to work with, and one switch that lets you choose different modes. Speed and Depth knobs are the common denominator of just about any pedal. Former dictates the speed of the effect, while the depth determines how deep the pitch shift is going to reach. Rise time is a bit unique feature on this pedal, and it allows you to adjust the time needed for the effect to reach its peak potential. Tone is your standard EQ section that goes from darker to bright. That switch we have mentioned toggles between classic vibrato, ToneShift mode, or Latch mode.


There isn't much to say when it comes to the performance of TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato Pedal. The thing works like a charm no matter what kind of vibrato you need. The controls available allow for a wide range of different vibrato effects, and the quality of sound is borderline perfect. In all relevant means, this pedal is dominating the competition. If you want the best of the best, this is the model you are going to put on the top of your shopping list. There's only a handful of other vibrato pedals that can compete with this bad boy.


A lot of guitar players still don't recognize the full potential of TonePrint technology. For most, it is a gimmick that will fade away quickly. However, there are literally zero signs of that happening. Instead, we are seeing TC Electronic designs becoming more and more popular exactly because of that unusual feature that gives u so much range. Honestly, when you look at this pedal, or any other TC Electronic unit that features TonePrint, it feels like taking a peek at the future of guitar effects pedals. It won't be long before other manufacturers start rolling out similar pedals, and that is something we just can't wait to see.

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