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TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal Review – Guardian Of Your Tone

4.8 out of 5 stars

Whether you like them or not, TC Electronic is one of the most innovative guitar effects pedal manufacturers we have around at the moment. They have come up with a rather genius way of spicing up the market a bit, and it's been paying off ever since. They even included a noise gate pedal that features this technology of theirs.

The name of the tech is TonePrint, and the pedal we are talking about is the TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal. Today we are going to get to know this bad boy, and show you just why it is among the most trusted noise gate pedals.



When it comes to features, TonePrint is what takes the spot light on this model. Seeing this tech used on overdrives and other effects is not that novel anymore. However, seeing it applied to a noise gate pedal of all things, spikes up curiosity in a second. On top of that, this pedal offers both true and buffered bypass. There are several modes of noise reduction, which is something you will see on more refined models.

The quality of the TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal is apparent as soon as you unpack it from the box. Its enclosure looks heavy duty enough to take just about any kind of abuse with ease. That seems to be the case with the rest of their models, some of which belong on the list of best effects pedals .



When it comes to controls, TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal features three main knobs and a switch. The knobs include your standard Threshold and Decay functions, along with a knob that is labeled Damp. Adjusting this knob determines how organic the gate effect is going to sound. You can go from full hard gate, to a more reduced and refined gate. The switch we have mentioned is a toggle between two gate modes and TonePrint mode.


Even though TC Electronic has been pushing their TonePrint tech into just about every single pedal they have made in the last several years, the core performance of the TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal is still great. You can completely forget about TonePrint, and you will still be left with a very practical and useful tool that can take care of just about any kind of noise. The pedal is very reliable, which is among the more important things to look for. True bypass combined with optional buffered bypass are only the frosting on the already tasty cake.


When it comes to good noise gate designs, having the flexibility such as TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal has to offer, is a force multiplier for any guitar player. While the pedal is definitely meant to be tinkered with in a deeper level, you can definitely get a good performance from it even if you don't mess with the TonePrint mode at all.

Not sure about you, but in our book that is the definition of flexibility, and flexibility is good. If you are interested in getting a slightly different noise gate pedal, TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Pedal is something you should definitely check out.

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  1. Nick says

    Excellent review, but I have a question:

    It seems that you can use it as an effects loop on its own, but wondering if I can use it with my set up.

    Can you use it with the guitar going into the front of the amp and effects in the effects loop at the same time?

    For example: Guitar > AC Booster > DS1 >Sentry (input to output) > Amp – Effects send from amp > Sentry (send) > Phaser > TC Flashback > Sentry (return) > effects return – Amp

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