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TC Electronic SCF Pedal World Standard Stereo Chorus Flanger – A Multipurpose Powerhouse With a Modern Twist

4.7 out of 5 stars
TC Electronic SCF Pedal World Standard Stereo Chorus Flanger – A Multipurpose Powerhouse With a Modern Twist
Controls:4.9 out of 5 stars
Features:4.7 out of 5 stars
Performance:4.7 out of 5 stars
Value:4.5 out of 5 stars

TC Electronic is a brand name regarded with awe in the music world, with a long lasting tradition of over 30 years, and a standard for quality matched by no other, they’re the preferred choice for majority of famous guitar players, usually held in the highest regard. Their extremely popular lines of products have conquered the hearts and minds of musicians during their long lasting existence, often remaking classic versions of their pedals, while adding fresh and exciting improvements to new ones, TC have undoubtedly earned their reputation. The current spotlight is earned by the ingenious awesomeness of the TCE SCF Pedal World Standard Stereo Chorus Flanger.


This fully accomplished pedal is overflowing with features, amounting to everything a guitar enthusiast could ever ask for in a chorus pedal, and more! First and foremost, we must gaze upon this wonder box from an aesthetical point of view, taking into account the beautifully refreshing color tone, highlighting all the featured controls with crystal clear intent. On the technical side, the pedal offers mono and stereo outputs besides the regular input, as well as external bypass – giving you the option to completely bypass the effect using any external switching method.



Let’s get to the controls and see what they can offer. Embedded on the case in the lower left you’ll notice an overload LED indicator which will prove itself quite useful, right next to it is the Input Gain control – which adjusts the signal your pedal is receiving to match your guitar flawlessly, for unrivaled tonal clarity or even an increase in signal if you so prefer. Next on the list is the Width knob – pretty self-explanatory, but how wide can your sound get?

We’ll leave that for you to discover, Speed – offering refinement from slow and chilly whirls to blazing fast and up-beat sounds, all dialed up with outstanding responsiveness. The Mode knob switches between a rich Chorus or a comprehensive Flanger output. Last but not least, we have Intensity – which defines the amount of mix, feedback or the overall amount of effect, depending if you’re in Chorus, Flanger or Pitch Shifting mode, respectfully.


If you get your hands on this masterpiece, you will be at peace and your search for that perfect pedal will promptly find the end of its road. With flawless stereo Flanger and Chorus output, high-end versatility and responsiveness, backed up with a beautiful variety of effects, it will take your sound and give it an extreme makeover or a slight bump toward perfection, all up to your choosing.


Are you looking for solutions to take your sound to heights previously unimaginable? If so, get ready to be thrilled by this work of art by TCE. It’s a bold yet realistic claim that the SCF is truly is on top of the food chain. With a negligible price tag when you take into account the endless combinations and state-of-the-art sound reproduction, this pedal is an obvious choice.

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