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TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive – Definition Of Sweet Dirty Drive

4.7 out of 5 stars

If you like being able to really control the sonic vibe of your overdrive pedal and adjust its tonal attack until it fits your needs to a tee, we recommend checking out the MojoMojo from TC Electronic.

Emulating the tone of natural overdrive pedals, this dude is packed to the gills with surprisingly high-quality features for the listed price, ranging from sturdiness and looks to certain tonal controls it offers. Let's dig in!


The product operates as a true bypass pedal, featuring a single Input and one Output jack, along with a status LED and a large on/off foot-switch. What makes the pedal stand out from its peers and similarly priced items are extended controls. Four knobs and a Voicing switch aren't something that's common for this budget, but what makes the whole combo great is the fact that each of the controls is very usable and actually makes a different in the final tone mix.

Apart from that, we absolutely love the looks and that sexy glossy red finish. The build quality is also top-level; the sturdy metal casing is definitely roadworthy and capable of taking more than a few punches.

TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive-2


As noted, four knobs + one switch is what we're looking at. Let's see now:

Drive – This one adjusts the gain level and essentially determines whether the pedal will produce a light drive or a crushing roar of crunchiness and distortion.

Level – The Level knob is a staple mark of pretty much any pedal out there, and it always does the same thing: determines the amount of given effect that is injected into the sonic mix. The more you increase it, the more effect and less clean guitar tone is present in the output.

Bass – Very self-explanatory knob; used to determine the level of bass frequencies present in the audio output. Crank it up if you want extra low end.

Treble – Once again, a self-explanatory control and the second part of EQ controls for the overdrive effect. This one controls the higher, treble frequencies and their presence in the sound mix.

Voicing switch – Switch this one on if you need a strong mid-range boost. If you can't get enough room in the sonic mix, this little fella should help.


The sound quality of this item is very strong for the price, always securing a nice roar and somewhat stronger low-end frequencies. If you want to get the best attack out of this dude, hook it up with a bright and natural amp. The mixture of the amp's sound and stronger basses of this stompbox is a match made in heaven, and an easy way to cover all the frequencies with organic, tube-like sound. Therefore, we thoroughly recommend checking this one out.


In a nutshell, this is a pretty strong product and one of the top contenders for the title of best overdrive pedal under $50. We like the sound, we like the versatility, we love the looks and we love the build quality. If you are in pursuit of pedals for intermediate players, add this one to your list. Good stuff!

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