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TC Electronic Guitar Ditto -Basics Done The Right Way

4.8 out of 5 stars

If you like your loopers simple, concise, yet highly effective and top-notch, we recommend giving the Guitar Ditto from TC Electronic a look. Featuring classy looks and nothing more than a single button and one knob, this fella is as effective as they get.

Seeing that the device is stripped from advanced functions, this is an ideal choice both for beginners and simply for players who prefer simplicity with their loopers. As for the sound and performance quality, there is nothing beginner about this thing whatsoever. Enough chit-chat, let's dive into the full review below!

TC Electronic Guitar Ditto-1


The first thing we noticed about this tool is impeccable craftsmanship and elegant, modern looks. Then, you notice that the metal casing is sturdy and well build, giving the impression of a strong unit and a quality product. Seeing that simplicity is the word of the day here, we were not surprised that this is a mono pedal.

What that means is that the device features just one input and one output. This is not a big deal for the vast majority of players, as it basically means you can only plug in one instrument into the pedal (many ask “Who needs more?”) and connect the pedal with just one output, which is also just fine.

Made right in the US of A, the device has 5 minutes of loop time, which is more than enough for live shows. Unlimited overdubs and undo or redo edits are also available, which is of course nice. The pedal operates as a true bypass device with an analog-dry-through and requires a standard 9V power supply, which is not included in the price. Weighing in at 8 ounces, this fella comes with a total size of 4 x 3.9 x 2.5 inches.

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Not a whole lot of items here, now is there? There's one footswitch, one knob, a status LED indicator, and that's it. Turns out that's all most players need in practice. So, the Level control knob controls the level of the loop effect that gets injected into your audio output, while the footswitch does most of the work.

Specifically, pressing the switch once kicks off the recording, tapping it twice fast ends the recording you previously started and commences the loop. Finally, to erase the recorded loop, just press the button for a few seconds.


In a nutshell, it does the job! The sound quality is definitely on high level, the recorded audio that gets in the loop is organic, natural, and very close to the original, and we can pretty much give zero complaints there. Additionally, the device operates great when combined with other effects, too, delivering the loop with zero sonic interference or poor audio. Once you figure out how to control the footswitch – which shouldn't take long at all – you're set to loop away!


You get what you pay for here. The features are basic, yet efficient, and so are the controls. However, we are still dealing with high-quality electronics and wiring here, as well as a top-level sound and general performance. Add those classy looks and sturdy build to the mix and you get a very nice deal for the listed price. Good stuff, highly recommended!

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