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TC Electronic Corona Chorus Pedal – For Those Who Want Full Control

4.8 out of 5 stars

If you're a fan of modern pedals that can do just about anything, packing some genuine sci-fi features you can actually use, give the Corona chorus pedal from TC Electronic a spin.

This is a digital pedal loaded with cutting-edge technology and an ability to genuinely replicate the analog vibe. They call this one “the chorus for people who hate chorus,” and that says a lot. Let's dissect the pedal now!


The device comes in a sturdy metal green casing, operating as a true bypass pedal with a low level of noise. This is a stereo stompbox with two In and two Out jacks, meaning that the signal can be separated and forwarded in two directions.

The foundation tone color is determined through a three-way switch in the middle, and the user is further inclined to make additional sonic tweaks through four control knobs. The device is powered through a standard 9V adapter, weighs in at one pound and features a total size of 5 x 3 x 4 inches.

As for durability, the metal casing is strong enough to take more than a few punches during transport and a heavy stomp or two, so as long as you don't abuse it, the pedal is bound to serve you well in years to come.



Let's take a moment to discuss those four control knobs we mentioned. So – Speed, Depth, FX Level, Tone.

Speed – Determines the intensity or speed of the chorus effect. The more you crank it up, the more swirly it gets.

Depth – Adjusts the intensity of the chorus effect. The more it's increased, the tighter the chorus sounds.

FX Level – This one is pretty simple; it adjusts the level of chorus effect that's injected into your sonic output. The higher values you dial in, the more chorus and less clean guitar tone you will get.

Tone – This one adjusts the color of the chorus effect, and which audio frequencies will get covered by the effect.

Additionally, the pedal features a top-of-the-line Tone Print that allows you to dial in previously configured setups you made yourself or presents that were crafted to sound like some of the all-time titans. Pretty cool…


We're analog guys, OK? But, if there's one digital pedal that got very close to that natural and warm analog sound, it's this one. Additionally, tonal adjustments and sonic versatility tends to be greater with digital models, hence this puppy is pretty close to scoring that golden “the best of both worlds” mix.

The way we recommend approaching this thing is to first get a grasp of what those three chorus mode on the three-way switch sound like. Then, after you found your favorite, proceed to make tweaks until the audio output suits your needs to a tee.


Thus, in a nutshell, this is one of the best digital chorus pedals on the market, at least within the specified price range. It has the sound, it has versatility, it has durability, and it offers a top bang for the buck. If you're not sure about what you could do with a chorus, get this guy (or test first), it'll show you all the capabilities of the effect, while retaining high sonic quality at all tonal configurations.

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