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Takamine GD-20 – An Evolution That Keeps Getting Better

4.7 out of 5 stars

Takamine is no stranger to quality acoustic guitars. They are also one of the few top brands who have a heavy representation in the entry level and lower mid-range of the market. One of their most successful models comes as an evolution of an already great guitar, and it goes under the name of Takamine GD-20. All things considered, this is one our favorite picks in the sub $300 range. If you want to see other guitars which match this Takamine, check out the rest of our recommendations.


Body And Neck

While it may look just like another average dreadnought, Takamine GD-20 is so much more than that. Takamine infused this guitar with a lot of innovation. Tonewood they went with for this model is a combination of a solid cedar top and mahogany back and sides. Just having a solid top in this price range is should be enough to spike anyone's interest. However, that's just the beginning of it. The neck is a slim mahogany piece with a rather smooth rosewood fretboard. While playing, gripping chords feels impressively comfortable. To top it all off, we have a subtle but nice rosette which adds to the aesthetics of the GD-20.



One of the biggest surprises with this Takamine comes in form of the hardware they've decided to install. There's the pin-less rosewood bridge which is fitted with a split saddle made of bone. That's the type of components you get to see in a price range way above the one where this Takamine resides. The nut is also made of bone, and the headstock sports a set of great tuning machines. If anything, the hardware on GD-20 is on point.


After having issues with the GD-330, Takamine decided to upgrade the existing platform and solve all of the problems which plagued this lightweight dreadnought. GD-20 is the result of that effort. With a thicker cedar top, the newly designed guitar was able to clear up the tone considerably, while also adding better intonation. Whether you prefer strumming or finger picking, GD-20 is going to keep up, guaranteed. With the crisp trebles, wand overall warmth it offers, this Takamine easily punches way above its price range in terms of tone.


Beginners are one of the most vulnerable categories of guitar players out there. Having a good acoustic guitar costs money, and having a bad one is putting you at risk of developing bad habits. This is why guitars such as Takamine GD-20 are not only great to have, but necessary. With the type of performance we've talked about today, any new player will have a solid tool which will take them way to the advanced skill level. Unless you are working with an extremely tight budget, getting this Takamine might turn out to be the best decision you can make as someone who is just starting out. There are other great models in this price range, but rarely will you find a guitar as wholesome as this one.

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