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Squier Mini Strat Pack Review – A Budget Bundle That’s Cool for Kids!

4.4 out of 5 stars

If you are of the smaller-handed population or are buying an electric guitar for a youngster, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to buy an affordable bundle. Made by Fender’s budget subsidiary Squier, the Mini Strat Pack is exactly what the name suggests, bundling together a very popular small-hand-friendly Strat with an amp and extras that shows off great value and convenience. Let’s take a closer look…


The Guitar

As we’ve mentioned, the guitar in this bundle comes in a compact package – Squier’s Mini Bullet Strat, which shows off classic Fender Strat style with that iconic double-cutaway shape and the traditional Fender headstock shape. Size-wise, everything has been scaled down, with a 22.75” scale length and a 1.6” nut width, meaning smaller handed players will be able to make chords much easier than on a standard guitar.

Squier keeps the costs down by using cheaper materials that stand up pretty well to scrutiny, even if they wouldn’t impress in a higher price category. The body is made from hardwood while the C-shaped neck is maple, sporting a rosewood fretboard and 20 frets. As for electronics, these are also pretty basic, but stick to the winning Strat formula of three single-coils at the bridge, middle and neck positions, controlled by simple master volume and master tone knobs, and a five-way selector switch.


The Amp and Extras

So, the guitar is a solid little instrument – what about the rest of the pack? For convenience it’s very good, offering everything you need to get started. This includes an amplifier, which – truth be told – is very basic and a little quiet, but this isn’t an issue for beginners. It still offers a clear tone which can get quite crunchy, which is good for heavier music styles. The simple controls allow you to adjust the volume and tone, so there’s a little versatility too.

The rest of the pack gives you some further essentials. There’s a strap, a cable, a clip-on digital tuner, and a handful of plectrums. You’ll also find an instructional DVD which is another handy inclusion for complete beginners.


Ultimately there are better guitars out there for the price, and better overall bundles in terms of quality. But smaller-handed players are limited when it comes to combo packs, so this Squier Mini Strat Pack is very appealing. The guitar is a solid little player, which looks good and is comfortable to play after a good setup. The overall sound through the amp won’t blow you away, but it will be more than sufficient for beginners. For the sub-$200 price tag, it’s a very decent purchase and proves a great gift.

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