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Sennheiser e935 Review – Challenger To The Throne

4.2 out of 5 stars

Sennheiser’s e935 promises to be a reliable stage partner for any modern performer, and – after just a little time with it – we can agree that it’s one of the most capable dynamic microphones on the market today, easily challenging some of the favorites. For the affordable sub-$200 price, it’s already punching well above its weight – let’s take a closer look!



Compared to many common handheld mics in this affordable price range, the e935 comes across more aesthetically appealing, sporting a sleek black chassis with a dark blue coated mesh grille – very sophisticated and stylish. No switches, no additional design – just simplicity.

Overall, the e935 feels well balanced and comfortable in hand. With a rugged metal body and grille, the build quality is top notch and proves a very durable mic. Despite its sophisticated appearance, this mic is no studio queen – you can confidently throw it around on stage like you would any other mic. In fact, Sennheiser is so confident in this mic’s durability that the brand offers a 10-year warranty as standard. That should tell you something.



From a hardware standpoint, the e935 is rock solid. Under the hood you’ll find an internally shock-mounted capsule, with a quality Neodymium ferrous magnet and hum-compensating coil, which has all been added to provide a noiseless and consistent performance.

Slightly surprisingly, Sennheiser went with a standard cardioid polar pattern, which at least keeps the mic focused on your voice, no matter what is being thrown your direction on stage. Looking at the specs, the frequency response range is listed at 40Hz to 18kHz, with a sensitivity of -51dB, and an output impedance of 350 ohms. Finally, it comes complete with a mic stand mount and a basic zippered carry case.


What defines the e935 is its smooth response range. It features a balanced sound, especially in the upper end and doesn’t top out like some microphones – rather reaching the upper limit in a gradual manner.

In terms of applications, recording instruments is certainly not out of the question, with both electric guitars and acoustics coming across very well. However, the e935 is most comfortable with vocals. Sennheiser has developed it so that it’s very neutral in this application, behaving well for both male and female vocals.

On stage, it is a true workhorse, giving you enough power to cut through the mix, but not to a point where you are pushing it outside its comfort zone. As for noise, with the internal shock mount and humbucking coil, this is a relatively quiet mic with a low handling noise and good off-axis rejection.


Truth be told, we would be surprised if Sennheiser hadn’t delivered a solid mic – they just seem to do it so well these days! Ultimately, the e935 packs a mighty punch with plenty of reserve on tap. For under $200, it’s well worth checking out if you need a solid stage mic that will make you sound great!

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