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Sennheiser e835 Review – Formidable Budget Choice

4 out of 5 stars

With Sennheiser’s handheld e835, simplicity is undoubtedly the name of the game! On the face of it, the e835 isn’t something that will blow you away, but – as one of the most popular dynamic microphones you can get for under $100 – it has a lot to offer stage performers on a budget. Let’s take a closer look…



Much like other big players in this segment, with the e835, Sennheiser has adopted the policy of simple aesthetics. This type of approach allows them to put their main focus on the performance of this mic, while keeping it affordable.

Regardless, the e835 features an attractive enough handheld design – the word being ‘stealthy’, with an all-metal dark grey body and a very robust black grille. Sennheiser again keep costs down and simplicity high by including no switches on the body. Ultimately, it’s a comfortable and durable little mic, capable of withstanding whatever abuse you can throw at it on stage.



As simple as it is on the outside, Sennheiser made the e835 just as simple on the inside. When it comes to specs and features, the focus remains on simplicity and providing a smart choice of components for a strong performance. Some of these features include an advanced internal shock mount to keep handling noise low, as well as a hum-compensating coil.

You are looking at a 40Hz to 16kHz frequency response range, which is arguably wider in the top end than most of the e835’s direct competition has to offer. As for max SPL, this is listed at a very generous 150dB, so you can go loud quite comfortably.

The polar pattern used is a standard cardioid, which is great for feedback rejection although the e835 works very well off-axis too. Connectivity comes in the form of an XLR port, making the e835 compatible with any board or mixer out there. Finally, this mic comes with a basic zippered pouch and a decent mic stand clip. For under one hundred bucks, this is more than you would expect.


Designed for using live on stage, the e835 has a level of performance that stands up to scrutiny. The noise-reducing features work well together to ensure the only thing coming from the mic is your voice – not unwanted hum or handling noise. These vocals – whether on stage or in a more relaxed studio environment – come across very well. Clear and powerful, with a lot of low-end and midrange warmth, even if you start moving away from the mic.

Despite using the standard cardioid pattern, the e835 is very forgiving if you move off axis, with the drop in performance and sound quality nowhere near as bad as it can be with some other budget mics. As for instrument recording, the e835 fares very well, with that high SPL coping nicely with everything from drums to aggressive electric guitars.


At the end of the day, Sennheiser’s e835 is a very solid package that has plenty to offer. The German brand does the simple things well, keeps costs low, and provides both beginners and experienced stage performers a worthwhile addition to their toolkit.

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