Seagull Artist Mosaic – Ruler of The Mid Range

Seagull’s impact on the market has been felt all around the globe. They came in, swooped the competition and announced they are here to stay. The reason why Seagull Artist Mosaic is the absolute ruler of the mid-range segment is pretty simple. It’s a hand-crafted guitar that’s built from some of the finest materials in North America, all at a more than reasonable price. If your budget is up to $1000, this guitar is something we definitely recommend. For more awesome picks in this price range, check out our detailed guide.


Body And Neck

The fact that Seagull went with a combination of cedar and mahogany isn’t all that surprising, and has an impact on the sound of the Artist Mosaic. Even though mahogany is inherently tough, that cedar gives this guitar a very warm and mellow tone. There is more than enough volume and projection, which allows you to be heard even in smaller venues. The best thing about this guitar is the level of detail and amount of expression you have at your disposal. Everything comes out wholesome, even the higher, more technical work. Great for strumming, Seagull Artist Mosaic really shines when you go finger picking.



In terms of hardware, you are looking at a standard shaped bridge made of high-quality rosewood. On top of it, they’ve installed a quality compensated Tusq saddle, which is slowly but surely becoming the standard even in high-end guitars. Tuning machines are Seagull’s own design, although they are on par with anything the competition has to offer. Since performance is the key when we discuss hardware, we’re happy to conclude that Seagull Artist Mosaic brings great tuning and intonation retention to the table. The guitar simply holds your key.


This amazing dreadnought comes with a body that features a select pressure tested solid cedar top paired with solid mahogany back and sides. The top is bound, with great levels of detail, giving this guitar a very refined look. The neck is also a mahogany piece and comes with a nice rosewood fretboard. Inlays on the fretboard are shaped as seagulls, which is a nice touch. Overall build quality is just impressive. Seagull put their best luthiers to work on this guitar, which is evident no matter where you look.

The Verdict

At this price, Artist Mosaic is well within Taylor and Martin territory. However, there’s a case to be made for this guitar. Rarely will you find such a combination of tonewood and craftsmanship even with those two leading brands. Seagull went above and beyond to create what can only be described as a perfect working musician’s acoustic guitar. Seagull Artist Mosaic simply punches way above its price range. It’s crazy to even remember that Artist Mosaic used to be way cheaper back in the day. It’s a great value for the money now, but those who had the foresight to snatch one up several years ago really got a great deal.

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  1. I have a vintage Artist Mosaic. I purchased it in 2005 from Troll music in Venice Fl. I walked in one day, they just started selling the seagulls line. Godin sent them an FS ( Factory Second) by mistake, it had a tiny little blemish on it. Anyway, I got it for 450.00 and won’t give it up. Pure sound and playability forever. I don’t know how far back they made these, but the artist mosaic is a wonderful guitar.. Thank you!

  2. I own a Seagull Artist Studio and a Performer. I would agree totally they compete on every level with instruments three times the price. The Artist in particular has solid Rosewood back and sides and Spruce top, with Ebony fretboard and bridge and a Mahogany neck. The Artist (and previously the Performer) has been gigged regularly and offers great playability and excellent amplification.

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