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Schecter Stiletto Stealth 4 Bass Guitar Review – Definition Of Metal Bass Sound

4.9 out of 5 stars

Schecter's presence on the market in recent years has been expanding to a point where they are becoming one of the go-to brands no matter what your budget is. This is especially true if you are looking for a good metal guitar or bass guitar.

With that said, they often times knock down their mid-tier models a notch, making them more affordable and hence a real steal. One such case? Schecter Stiletto Stealth 4. This bass packs a lot of heat for not a lot of money and is one of the best value for the buck offers in the $500 price range. More on that in our separate piece.

Schecter Stiletto Stealth 4 Bass Guitar Body” width=

Body & Neck

The body shape Schecter went with is their own design that doesn't differ much from your standard Ibanez or Yamaha. Tonewood of choice is basswood, which might make some eyes roll, but it fits the nature of the guitar rather well. In terms of finish, you get satin black. Even though it's a bit limiting, this single choice of finish kinda makes this guitar a more attractive. The neck is a standard maple design sporting a thin C profile and a rosewood fretboard.


The hardware on this model is a bit ahead of your standard vintage style flush unit. Schecter Stiletto Stealth 4 comes with an S-Tek bridge that uses a lot more rigid principle of operation to adjust the intonation. The main advantage of this type of design is more stable tuning and setup in general. The tuners are Schecter brand die cast units, which are standard, unlike the bridge. With that said, they work perfectly fine and hold the tuning efficiently under normal use.


What's interesting about the Schecter Stiletto Stealth 4 is that it comes with that standard pickup configuration, only the whole setup is active. That means you get a split coil neck pup paired with a precision single coil at the bridge. These are controlled by a Master Volume knob, a Blend knob and a two-band EQ. The range this configuration brings is broad, to say the least.

Schecter Stiletto Stealth 4 Bass Guitar Headstock” width=


Crisp, hot and driving tone is what you can expect to hear from Schecter Stiletto Stealth 4. There's plenty of output to go around, and the EQ section allows you to really pinpoint the tone you want. Compared to some other active basses in this price range, Stiletto Stealth 4 kicks it up a notch in terms of sound quality and tone color. You'll be hard pressed to reach the limits of this bass guitar.


Schecter once again proves why they are currently among the most trusted brands on the market. With Schecter Stiletto Stealth 4, they've introduced a very capable yet affordable model in a highly competitive segment of the market. Overall quality is on point and you can sense this thing was built for speed. Stiletto Stealth 4 is one model we can easily recommend to anyone looking for a quality axe, no matter if you're just starting out or you have significant experience under your belt.

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