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If there’s one thing everyone likes to say about Schecter, it’s that they make instruments designed and built for metal. While this is definitely true, it would be a shame to impose such a limitation on these great guitars. Schecter Stiletto Custom-4 is one Schecter’s more impressive models. It’s an upgraded version of the standard Stilleto 4, and packs a pretty interesting set of features. It’s by far one of the most interesting bass guitars on our top list, and for a good reason.


Body And Neck

One of the best things about Schecter’s bass guitar lineup are the body shapes they use. You can see semblance of a modified Strat somewhere in there, but barely. Stiletto Custom features a small body made of mahogany, with a flamed maple and walnut top. It’s beautiful to say the least. They went with a natural finish, which allows the woods we just mentioned to stand out. Neck is a multi-ply design made of maple and walnut. The whole thing is topped with a nice rosewood fretboard.



Refined nature of this bass extends well into the hardware territory. Schecter used an S-Tek bridge that features a dark bronze finish. This design sports four independent, fully adjustable saddles and offers great sustain. Tuners which come with this bass are made by Schecter. They are more than decent in terms of performance, and painted in a similar, but brighter color as the bridge. Looking at the whole bass, hardware definitely compliments the theme Schecter went for.


In standard Schecter tradition, they have installed a set of powerful EMGs to take care of the performance side of the deal. Pickups in question are a pair of EMG 35HZ. These are wired to a master volume knob, blend, and a 2 band EQ. While it’s not the most flexible setup, there is more than enough tone shaping potential to take care of just about anyone’s needs.


First time you plug the Stiletto Custom 4 into an amp, it will let you know where it comes from and what its predecessors were designed to do. It has that underlying aggressiveness which makes it perfect for metal, but still civil enough for other applications. Output is plentiful thanks to the active electronics, however the tone is not clinical. You can extract quite a bit of warmth, especially in the trebles, should you need to.


It feels like Schecter designed this bass guitar in an effort to break the existing stereotype which surrounds their guitars. In a way they have succeeded, without looking like they’re trying too hard. The beauty of Schecter Stiletto Custom 4 comes from its flexible nature, and that is one thing a good portion of the bass guitar community is looking for. In other words, if you want a good bass at a reasonable price, give this Schecter a chance. It might just prove to be everything you needed in a bass guitar.

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