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Schecter Omen 4 Bass Guitar Review – When Power Matters

4.9 out of 5 stars

Schecter Guitar Research has been working hard in these last few years. The fruit of that effort is a decent number of models, both in guitar and bass guitar segments of the market, which are just dominating when it comes to price to performance ratios. Schecter Omen 4 is one of the more notable models.

It delivers a rather respectable configuration of build quality, tone, and range to those who are looking for a more or less neutral sounding bass guitar. It's a great choice for beginners and one of the most capable guitars we recommend for new players.

Schecter Omen 4 Bass Guitar Body

Body & Neck

Schecter Omen 4 sports the standard body shape that we have seen on numerous Schecter guitars. It's comfortable enough and allows you to reach the higher notes pretty comfortably. Tonewood Schecter chose for this particular model is high-quality mahogany featuring a quilted maple top. The neck is made of maple, as usual, and comes with a rosewood fretboard with abalone/Pearloid vector inlays. Profile of the neck is thin C, which makes it pretty fast.


The bridge design on Omen 4 is a standard Diamond Bass model which Schecter installs on a lot of their bass guitars. Tuning machines are standard die cast units made by Schecter. All of the hardware comes in black chrome. In terms of performance, the bridge offers great sustain and keeps the intonation true. Tuners will serve you well given the normal circumstances.


The best thing about the Schecter Omen 4 is the pair of pickups it comes with, and its active preamp. We are talking about two Schecter Diamond Bass pups with enough range to cover just about any appetite you might have in terms of tone. Tone shaping is made easy thanks to a pretty capable EQ section. There's no buzz to speak of, or any other substantial interference for that matter.


Schecter Omen 4 is the type of guitar that won't feel out of place no matter what genre of music you are interested in playing. The pickups are hot, providing more than enough output which makes this Schecter a perfect match for more aggressive genres like metal. With that said, the amount of definition you get allows you to do some serious precision work as well. Low-end response is there and sounds awesome. Fat, thumping rhythms are easy with this setup, that's for sure.


In the grand scheme of things, Schecter Omen 4 is right in the middle of that sweet spot when it comes to bang for the buck. Performance is there, but so is style. If looks are also an important factor for you, this bass guitar will probably be the perfect match for you. For a beginner's bass guitar, Schecter Omen 4 will meet all of your requirements and then some. Advanced players will feel right at home with this axe as well. For practice or stage use, blues or metal, Schecter Omen 4 is something you can't go wrong with, that is a fact.

Here's a sound demo video (go to 25 sec mark to skip the short Russian talk):

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  1. Michael Lee says

    Thank you for this review. I found it quite helpful, as I’m looking to broaden my horizons from the six string guitar and into the bass guitar realm.

    What is a good price range for this guitar?

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