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Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FRS Review – Flawless Guitar with Endless Sustain

4.9 out of 5 stars

It’s time to take a look at the most expensive model in our chart on the best 7-string electric guitars on the market today – Schecter’s Hellraiser C-7 FRS. It boasts a beautiful design, intricate detailing, awesome sound and solid components, but does it fully justify its high-end cost?


Body & Neck

You don’t have to view the price tag to know this is a premium model, as it just oozes high-end appeal. As the name suggests, it features Schecter’s classic Hellraiser shape, with a generous double cutaway for easy access to the neck (the Ultra Access heel also helps in this regard). It’s available in two awesome colors – black and black cherry, both with flawless high-gloss finishes, while a sparkly abalone binding adds a little extra glamour to the body.

This glamour stretches up into the neck with abalone Gothic Cross inlays running up the slick rosewood fretboard, which houses 24 extra-jumbo frets, so string bending is a breeze. The playability of the C-7 is so smooth, and the Korean craftsmanship is top-notch too, as you’d expect. A dream to hold and play.



In addition to looking absolutely stunning, the C-7 is loaded with some top-notch components. It’s voiced by two awesome pickups – a super-hot EMG Active 81-7 humbucker at the bridge, with a Sustainiac pickup at the neck. Both are excellent, although the Sustainiac gives this guitar extra appeal, promising some cool features such as infinite delay. These pickups are tended to by a master volume, master tone, and an intensity control, along with a three-way slider to choose between the pickups.

Just below all this are two mini switches to control the Sustainiac. There’s a two-way on/on switch, as well as a three-way mode switch to change between Fundamental, Mix and Harmonic settings. Electronics aside, the hardware on the C-7 is also fantastic. At the headstock you’ll find a set of Grover Rotomatic tuners with a precise 18:1 gear ratio, while a Floyd Rose 1000 Series tremolo bridge and a locking nut keeps tuning in check, while giving you some flexibility to express yourself. Perhaps the only negative is that no case is included, which you’d definitely expect at this premium price.


First and foremost, the C-7 is a sensational 7-string metal guitar with a rich, thick low-end for crushing rhythm, while the EMG 87-1 ensures lead playing cuts through any mix. Then you have the Sustainiac pickup which delivers huge versatility and allows for cool effects and techniques, such as controlled feedback and endless sustain, while its lead tone is wonderful. Seriously hard to fault, although this superior tone is expected at this price range.


While there are some unique and useful features courtesy of the pickups and controls, these never hide the fact that the Schecter C-7 is fundamentally a great guitar. It’s both stunning to look at and wonderful to play, while the sound is versatile for many styles of rock and metal. You pay a lot but, in this case, you certainly get what you pay for.

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