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Roland Micro Cube GX – Setting The Standards

4.9 out of 5 stars

Roland's Cube series are by far some of the most popular practice guitar amps on the market. The reason for this can be found in their simplicity and the fact that they simply work. Today we are going to take a look at the Roland Micro Cube GX, one of the smallest amps in this series. If you are trying to find a super portable amp that still packs a punch, this Cube is among your best options at the moment.

Roland Micro Cube GX Control


The main thing about portable amps is that they are fairly limited by default. As such, people don't generally expect a whole lot of versatility aside from their compact size. However, Roland Micro Cube GX was designed to go against the grain. This amp brings the full on modeling control section that is packed to the brim with various features. We are talking 8 different amplifier emulations, four modulation effects as well as reverb/delay section. On top of all that, you have your standard gain, volume and tone knobs but also a built in tuner. In other words, Roland Micro Cube GX is a full fledged modeling amp, only in a portable configuration. That is something every guitar player will appreciate.

Roland Micro Cube GX Feature


As we have mentioned just now, Roland Micro Cube GX is packed with features that are usually reserved for mid-range modeling amps. The power output you are looking at here is some 3 Watts being pushed through a single 5 Inch speaker. One of the more interesting details that deserve attention is the memory button. The idea here is that you can setup your tone just how you like, including effects, and then hold the button to store that preset. When you want to recall stored settings, just press the button as you normally would. What this essentially does is turn the Micro Cube into a two channel amplifier. If only we had a foot switch to go with it, this configuration would have been impressive.


It is no secret that Roland Micro Cube GX is not the most affordable compact amp out there. However, the price you are asked to pay is perfectly reasonable when you consider the type of tone you're getting. This cube doesn't only offer a range of amp emulations, but the quality of those voices is something else altogether. You could easily compare it larger cubes and the only detriment you would find is the volume. Speaking of which, for a 3 Watt setup, this Cube is pretty loud. Pushing the master volume to the max will give you plenty of sound to work with, maybe even too much for sensible use. Lastly, everything we have mentioned can be used on the go. This amp runs on batteries as well and offers a pretty long life per charge.


What Roland has done with the Micro Cube GX is brilliant. They have scaled down their proven design without losing much of the performance. If you are someone looking for a versatile practice setup or even a street performer who needs a bit more range, Roland Micro Cube GX is one of the most logical choices you can make.

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