Recording King ROS-06 Classic Series – Throwback To The Golden Age

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The ROS-06 a wonderful acoustic from Recording King’s Classic Series. It features the historic “Golden Age” 000 design, sporting the “twelfth fret meets the body” style of guitars. The instrument’s body shape resembles a parlor gitbox. However, this is a full sized acoustic instrument which packs a ton of volume. If you want to proudly wield a classic in your hands for only 300$, I encourage you to read on.

Recordnin King 01010

Body & Neck

The instrument’s body is made of a solid sitka spruce top, projecting a lot of volume and bass through the admirable tones it carries. The body is held together by its scalloped spruce X-Bracing.

The back and sides are made of hi-quality mahogany, which you will surely appreciate, along with its eye-catching natural gloss finish. The dovetail joint neck is likewise made of mahogany. It features a wide C profile, which will assuredly hit any experienced guitar player’s sweet spot.

Attached to the neck, you will come across the rosewood fingerboard armed with 20 frets, of which 12 are open, and a 1.81 inches wide bone nut. The instrument holds a total scale of 25.4 inches.



Examining the ROS’ components will make you think you’ve bought a fiddle costing twice as much. The hardware additionally adds to its overall historic character. You will assuredly appreciate its slotted headstock packing six vintage styled diecast tuning machines.

The pyramid shaped rosewood bridge sits atop a bone saddle, featuring ivory black dot pins and endpins. The integrity of your sound will be a thing of admiration thanks to the gitbox’ sublime hardware.


Right after taking it out of the box you will come instantly receive the impression that you have a winner in your hands. The instrument’s action is flawless, nullifying most, if not any, fret buzz with strikingly clear intonation. Its tone woods mixture can easily surpass its price by a fine margin.

The guitar’s remarkable projection of its avid tonal spectrum will make you keep it in your arms forever. It can’t match the qualities to that of a Taylor’s, but for a tenth of its price it can only get so good.


This vintage inspired work of art is assuredly a must-have in any guitarist’ arsenal. You will appreciate it as your first guitar, just like you would appreciate it if it were your fifth, or tenth. A superb, authentic gitbox at a truly unbelievable price. Hats off the kings of craftsmanship; Recording King.

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