Recording King RAJ-126-SN Slope Shoulder – Bringing Back a Forgotten Design

4.6 out of 5 stars
Recording King RAJ-126-SN Slope Shoulder – Bringing Back a Forgotten Design
Body And Neck:4.6 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.4 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.6 out of 5 stars
Value:4.7 out of 5 stars


Now this is a model unlike anything I’ve seen in a long while, a slope shoulder fiddle by Recording King. However, this is not “just another” git of its kind, it is a well-versed, vastly improved masterpiece boasting inspiring potential which aims to please any guitarist regardless of playing background.

The model in question is RK’s RAJ-126-SN. This fantastic gitbox takes some of the best features from classic slope shoulder guitars, while deeply enhancing them to fit both modern and vintage lovers alike. The manufacturers never fail to deliver a quality instrument that can last you a lifetime – handmade with care resulting in an excellent playing experience, and our acoustic git in question is no different.


Body & Neck

The instrument is made of an impressive, completely solid tone wood mixture, with a slightly increased scale – just enough to reach the next level of punchy tones and remarkable projection. The body features a solid “A Grade” Sitka spruce top with solid African mahogany back and sides.

The glossy vintage sunburst finish really makes this beauty stand out with style. The body is affirmed by a hand shaped scalloped spruce bracing, while the mahogany neck is dovetail joined. The neck hosts the rosewood fingerboard, which comes equipped with 20 frets, of which 14 are “clear” – a unique addition to guitarist of this type. The bone nut is 1.68” wide, and the instrument’s overall scale length amounts to 25.4”.



The beautiful headstock stylishly tops off the guitar, featuring a Recording King inlay and Golden Age tuning machines. The hardware quality is at its finest, as you would expect from a git carrying in this price extent. The tuners do a fine job at keeping the strings in tune (duh), while the rosewood bridge system sits atop a compensated bone saddle, ensuring flawless intonation and stability.


The guitar’s sound resembles a crossover between a Martin and a Gibson, it’s a sweet, attention demanding tonal mixture. The tones pack a stunning volume potential with a solid bass response, which is only natural for a body of this type.

The instrument’s sound is versatile to the nth degree, it can successfully emulate any genre or style you set your mind to, while coming of as authentic and natural. The action is set optimally low and you won’t need to readjust out of the box, fret buzz is a non-issue in your play sessions.


The RAJ-162 is one of the most accomplished instruments in its respective category, which also happens to pack extraordinary tones capable of competing with some of the finest hi-end gits available today. The qualities vastly overshadow its price tag, it is a must-have for any big tone lover.

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  1. Miztah98 says

    I had never heard of this brand, until I saw a video on YouTube. I bought a used one and I absolutely love it. I have s 2015 Gibson J45 and this gives it s run for it’s money. Highly recommend this guitar!

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