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PRS Custom 22 – In a Class Of Its Own

4.6 out of 5 stars

PRS is a company that has steadily defined what we perceive as a cutting-edge modern guitar. From looks to electronics, they say this is what's happening in the guitar world right now.

And one of the company's models that can already be considered among classics is the Custom 22 guitar, a highly versatile instrument that can tackle just about any style of music. We took this six-string out for a little spin, you can check out our full PRS review below.


Body & Neck

We are looking at a trusty mahogany body and a mahogany neck, a combo that simply screams “boom!” from the get go. Apart from being sturdy, mahogany reels in plenty of resonance and power, laying a solid foundation for a variety of musical styles.

The neck is quite slim, playable, and comfortable. It's a masterfully crafted piece with an attached rosewood fretboard, a set of 22 frets, a 25-inch scale length, and of course the company's signature bird inlays.

Much like any PRS guitar, the looks of this thing are gorgeous, the finish is high-class stuff easy on your hands and eyes.



As for the hardware, it's all PRS-designed stuff – a stoptail bridge, a pack of six tuners, all nickel. Apart from some minor tuning issues, everything about the guitar is in top shape and the fret job is quite nice – minimum sharp edges, next to no fret buzz. The instrument features no pick-guard, but does come with an included gig bag.


In the electronic section, the instrument boasts the manufacturer's Tone Furnace bass and treble humbucker pickups, along with Tone and Volume control knobs and a 3-way pickup selector.

The pickups are of course a bit on the hot side, but in this specific mix they demonstrate nothing but high versatility and maximum articulation. In other words, they are beasts in your full control.


The sound this fella packs is rather powerful, but as noted – it's also fully under your command. The two humbuckers can showcase some brilliant clean notes, but also go full-on metal and crush and punch.

However, the basic sound of this puppy is still rooted in the world of classic blues and jazz. It's highly organic, natural, and raw but also susceptible to a variety of tonal changes and effects. You can alter the tone in any way you want, the Custom 22 will always respond to it in style.

However, some players point out that modern humbuckers will always be modern humbuckers, meaning they're hot and not capable of toning it down and delivering the old-school style of jazz and blues. Take it out for a spin and see for yourself.


Overall, this is definitely one of the best guitars under 1000 bucks that you can find on the market today. There are only minor flaws we can think of here, leaving us with no choice but to give this versatile guitar a thumbs up!

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