Oscar Schmidt OE30CH – Elite Experience On a Budget

4.5 out of 5 stars
Oscar Schmidt OE30CH – Elite Experience On a Budget
Body And Neck:4.3 out of 5 stars
Electronics:4.5 out of 5 stars
Hardware:4.3 out of 5 stars
Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Value:4.5 out of 5 stars

Ever since Washburn acquired them, Oscar Schmidt has upped their game. OE30CH is just one of the examples of what this company can do. At the moment, it’s on the top list of best semi hollow body guitars on the market, and here’s why.


Body and Neck

Semi-hollow body guitars and hollow body guitars are as old school as it gets. With that said, building one takes a lot more time and craftsmanship than your regular solid body guitar. This is why it’s absolutely impressive when a brand releases a guitar of this type in a pretty affordable price range.

Oscar Schmidt OE30CH features that standard double cutout body shape we’ve seen on so many guitars of this type. Build quality is surprisingly good. There are rarely any issues with how different body components fit together. The only true way to check the quality of a semi hollow is to play it. If everything was done properly, you will hear and feel it. OE30CH passed with flying colors


The hardware Oscar Schmidt went with is in line with that classic, vintage image of a semi-hollow. However, it’s actually pretty modern. Instead of installing a complicated vintage bridge with a tailpiece, Oscar Schmidt simply installed a standard Tune-o-Matic bridge. This decision greatly simplifies things for the user as well as the manufacturer.

The tuners you get are pretty decent. They will hold the tune more than well enough under normal conditions. Some might have a problem with the fact that Oscar Schmidt took this route, however it makes the OE30CH a much more practical guitar than it would have otherwise been.


Pickups are another element where this guitar breaks off from the established semi-hollow narrative. Instead of offering a couple of soap bar pups or something similar, Oscar Schmidt decided to install a pair of standard humbuckers. This changes things in a rather interesting way.

You get the same range of tone and versatility as you would from a solid body, but with the additional ‘flavor’ of a semi-hollow. Aside from being easier to grasp from the get-go, you are presented with a chance to experiment with some pretty exciting tone configurations.



Everything we have talked about up to this point should give an idea as to what kind of tone you can expect from Oscar Schmidt OE30CH. Right off the bat, it comes across as a bit more aggressive than your usual semi-hollow. On the other hand, it still preserves a lot of that signature character which defines a semi-hollow guitar. Those who want to play a mixture of hard rock, blues and maybe even jazz, will find this Oscar Schmidt to be a pretty interesting solution.


While it’s not really canon, Oscar Schmidt OE30CH combines the best solid body and semi-hollow body guitars have to offer. On top of all that, it’s relatively affordable, allowing budget users to experience what these guitars are all about.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Jim Nancarrow says

    Had my OE30 in for a set up. The tech couldn’t get the low e and a far enough up to get the problem of those two strings to tune right. There wasn’t enough space to shorten the string. A very fundamental problem because I can’t use the full neck without issues. Why would any company make that basic a problem.

  2. Dan says

    I bought one and am waiting for it to arrive. Great review. Jim, sorry to hear of the intonation issues. I will watch for that. Maybe a different bridge would help?

  3. John says

    Picked up a OE-30 Delta King at my favorite pawn shop for $100 in nice shape except for a loose 3 way switch, easy fix. As an older intermediate player I didn’t/couldn’t spend the $$ for an E35 but liked the feel and sound so the OE seemed a good choice. It’s very playable, has a great variety of sounds through a very small Orange amp and seems to hold tune well. Nice action, neck shape fits, and it’s FUN to play !! A definite keeper !!

  4. David P Etchells says

    I’ve recently purchased one used, and I think it’s a fantastic value especially compared to other es 335 copies, wasn’t thrilled about the bolt on neck but no noticable loss in tone or sustain. I’ve played pretty much every brand of es including the original and I must say that these are very high quality, have great tone and playability, the materials are very good so two thumbs up on the Oscar ✌️

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