Oscar Schmidt O315 Parlor Size – Parlor Guitars With Enough Of a Punch

Oscar Schmidt O315 Parlor Size – Parlor Guitars With Enough Of a Punch
Body And Neck:


Oscar Schmidt’s big break on the guitar market came in 1920. This happened through their meticulously crafted parlor guitars, using premium quality tone woods and awe-inspiring hardware components. Their latest acoustic gitbox rendition is a trip down memory lane, reinstating their masterpieces from that celebratory era.

The 0315 features the traditional sounds reminiscing of the times that made it famous, with lush deep tones unrivaled in instruments of this size and shape. This work of art can serve as a prime example of expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Body & Neck

This tiny instrument’s body is made of a spruce top with an abalone rosette, while its back and sides are made of trembesi wood with an attractive natural matte finish. The body’s handcrafted construction and herringbone binding allow for excellent tone projection and a surprising level of volume.

This gitbox packs way more than what meets the eye. The mahogany neck features a fully adjustable truss rod going through its length. The rosewood fingerboard is armed with 19 frets, white dot inlays and a 1.75 inches wide nut. The instrument’s neck construction comes on a scale of 24.75 inches.



This acoustic wonder is finished off in style by its distinctive headstock, which comes equipped with six classic style tuners. The hardware truly upholds all of the qualities which made its predecessors so lovable due to its qualities and flawless intonation. The bridge slot is equipped with a rosewood system, asserting remarkable intonation and string precision.


The effort put in the instrument’s creation process truly exhibits the workmanship and expertise of the designers by its stunning sound output. It will come as a breath of fresh air, delivering everything one can ask for in a parlor guitar. It holds a unique tone unmatched in its respective category.

Its classic, bluesy sounds leave nothing to be desired. The action is superb, play it from any position and you will experience zero fret buzz, fuse that with its spot-on intonation results in a marvelous playing experience – which is further backed up by its naturally slim size.


This fiddle is an absolute beauty from top to bottom. If you need an instrument which packs excellent sound output and powerful projection, without the hassle of carrying around a big “tool” in your hands, then the O315 is definitely for you.

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