Orange Amplifiers Crush Bass 50 Review – Tangible Power In A Big Box

4.7 out of 5 stars

Being a guardian of quality guitar tone, Orange naturally offers a pretty decent line of bass guitar amplifiers in addition to their standard lineup. One of their most interesting combos comes in form of Crush Bass 50. If you are looking for a reasonably powerful, decently sized bass combo, Crush Bass 50 is among the best options you have at the moment. Let’s take a closer look and see what this amp has to offer.

Orange Amplifiers Crush Bass 50 Control


The controls included with Crush Bass 50 are more or less standard for Orange. Going left to right we find a large volume knob, a three-band EQ, frequency knob, blend control and finally, gain control. Below all of these knobs, there is a built in tuner interface with an LED scale and a button used to activate or deactivate this feature. Next to the input, at the far right side of the control cluster, Orange included a -6dB pad button. Considering the price and the intended application of this bass amp, the controls you get are more than enough to dial in a great tone. Everything is pretty simple and intuitive to use, including the frequency as well as the blend control.

Orange Amplifiers Crush Bass 50 Feature


When Orange designed Crush Bass 50, they have taken a lot of inspiration from their OB1 and 4 Stroke amps. Although you won’t find anything being copied and pasted, Crush Bass 50 definitely brings the spirit of these two legendary amps in some way. This is a solid state amplifier that offers some 50 Watts of power. It comes with a single 12 Inch speaker that sits comfortably in a ported cabinet. This, combined with analog circuitry, gives you full access to a more natural bass tone that is very girthy in the lower end. On top of all that, Orange has built in a fully functioning FX loop as well as a blend switch input. If you are looking for a tangible punch from a compact combo, Orange Amplifiers Crush Bass 50 is something you should definitely check out .


Right off the bat, 50 Watts doesn’t sound like much when you are looking at the specs on paper. However, this amp paints a very different picture the moment you plug it in and press that on button. Those 50 Watts sound much more powerful in person. In terms of tone quality and range, you are presented with a pretty balanced package. This thing moves some serious air but keeps things tight as well. They haven’t sacrificed much of the performance for the sake of power. On its own, Orange Crush Bass 50 is a decent choice for performing bass players who gig in smaller venues. As such, it’s a perfect choice for a practice amp. The only thing that this model lacks is an extension port. Unfortunately, you are limited to that single 12 Inch speaker.


At the end of the day, Orange Amplifiers Crush Bass 50 comes with a few compromising solutions. However, this is to be expected in this price range. What matters is that the amp we are looking at here offers something slightly different from its immediate competition. Orange has give it a character that is not unique, but is rare enough to be attractive.

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