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NUX Mighty Lite BT Review – A Desktop Combo That Doesn’t Skimp on Sound

4.8 out of 5 stars

Almost every guitarist would love to play in front of a massive 4×12 stack. Absolutely no guitarist wants to carry that stack around. With advances in digital technology, it’s now more possible than ever to practice and play with tiny, portable amps without sacrificing tone and versatility.

With its Bluetooth connectivity and companion app, the NUX Mighty Lite BT certainly stands out among the mini amp crowd. Let’s take a closer look and check out what makes this one of the best portable guitar amps available.


The Mighty Lite’s main feature is, obviously, its portability – this amp is tiny, with just three watts of output power. As it’s designed for home and travel use, it’s also very easy to power. If you can’t plug it in, the amp will run on AA batteries or through a USB power bank as well. Rather than bring a bulkier acoustic, this combo allows you to take an electric axe and play outdoors with friends.

It's housed in a compact plastic case with a clean black design and red detailing. For the low price, it feels like a robust little box, capable of withstanding a few bumps on a busy desk.

The aforementioned app is also an outstanding feature for increased tonal flexibility, especially considering how it saves your presets across each individual channel. Finally, if you’re not playing a guitar through it, the Mighty Lite BT can double as a standard speaker – just connect a device through the Bluetooth.


For such a tiny amp, the Mighty Lite BT offers a ton of choice. The top houses knobs for gain, volume, and tone, as well as a combo delay/reverb dial. A tap tempo button controls the delay speed.

Three other buttons trigger the overdrive and distortion voicings, cue the included drum tracks, and play or pause the drums, as well as switch between tracks. The controls also extend beyond the amp itself – with the available app, you can control the drum tracks, switch between four different types of reverb, adjust the exclusive noise gate, and add four additional modulation effects to your signal.

Aux and headphone inputs round out the package and allow you to either add jam tracks to your playing or practice silently.


The Mighty Lite BT is, understandably, far from flawless. It lacks much volume, and the tiny speaker can cause a boxy, weaker sound without as much upfront punch. However, this combo does cover all the major bases for an amp this size.

It offers tones ranging from solid, distinct cleans to overdrive-caked metal – and everything in between. It has decent reverb and delay, plus additional modulation effects through the app. As mentioned, it also features drum tracks and a metronome to upgrade your practice and help you play in rhythm.

It’s hard to ask that much of an amp this size and at this price, but the Mighty Lite BT certainly delivers more than we’d expect.


Guitarists looking for a portable, flexible combo for keeping on your desk or playing in the garden will love the NUX Mighty Lite BT. Simply put, it offers an unprecedented amount of tonal flexibility for this size and price range, and sounds pretty solid to boot. The added Bluetooth speaker functionality is just the icing on the cake.

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